What Things Were You Shocked To Find Out About, While In The Org.

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  • juni

    You're absolutely right Wednesday !!


  • stillajwexelder

    That there were pedophiles in the book group with loads of children and the Bookstudy conductor did not know he was a pedophile - the PO kept the information to himself.

    In another congregation there were 5 sisters that had been molested and also 2 pedophiles in that congregation

  • candidlynuts

    when my ex cheated on me, i was shocked to find out how many of the " brothers" had cheated on their wives

    i think i was only told about the other incidences to pressure me to stay married . i dunno

    anyway, elders, ms's , pioneer men.. a bunch.. even my own father in law!

  • lonelysheep

    How much they care about their image.

  • parakeet

    When I was 15, two years after being dragged into the org by my parents, my older brother and I visited a JW couple who's DFed daughter was still living there.
    My brother told me just before we went in that if I saw this girl (about 18 at the time), I was not even to say "hello" to her. I was totally shocked. This was my first introduction to JW shunning practices; I wasn't even aware before that they existed.
    Although I was a still a kid at the time, I remember arguing with my brother that if I saw this girl, I wasn't going to be rude; I'd say hello, how are you. Looking back on it now, I can see my instincts as a clueless kid were better than those of the adult JWs around me.

  • codeblue

    Seeing the last 10 minutes of the May 2002 Dateline about the pedophile problem in the WTBS. That forced me to see the hypocrisy in an organization that claimed to be spiritually clean and God's only representatives on the earth, when in fact, they were as bad as the Catholic church with their pedophile problem.

    Yes, that was quite a "defining moment" for me.

  • slimboyfat

    That African countries still had to pay for literature even after we in Britain had the "simplified" arrangement.


  • peacefulpete

    When the yearbook reported that JWs in Africa were starving, eating bark, and the article said it matter-of-factly. This was an eye opener, this Jehovah really didn't provide daily needs as I was taught to believe.

  • Spectrum

    That my friends baby brother and sister were actually his half siblings cos his horny mother had an affair with a JW stud that didn't know what condoms were. The mother left the org or was dfed and the stud got away with it but I think he is out now.

    Yes the revelation was quite shocking.

  • snarf

    That a woman had to stay in a marriage if she was being abused or if the children were being abused. Oh, of course she could seperate for safety reasons, but to recieve a scriptual divorce he had to be "proven" of adultery.. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!

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