A Chance to Wreck The Society.....

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  • metatron

    No dressing required, just letters.


  • Gregor

    Someone suggested that the WTS might be trying to provoke persecution as a tactic, as Rutherford did in years past. I think those days are long gone. The WTS has been trending away from political, medical and legal confrontations more and more. These are obviously pragmatic moves to protect the assets of this huge cash cow. They are becoming, ever so smoothly, a mainstream, vanilla religion. They can't move too fast because of people like us and our ability to focus our energy through the internet. I am a believer in the wearing down effect our constant exposure of their shams. I think commando style, covert dirty tricks can do our cause more harm than good. Just my opinion.

  • Finally-Free

    On a global scale, the watchtower society is about as significant as a pimple on my left asscheek. I'm not going to give them more attention than they deserve.


  • glitter

    Nor is any deception required - as the Society has said enough , over the years, to bury themselves.

    But do they generally directly tell non-JWs that god is going to kill them?

    I don't have a problem with making sure non-JWs see what JWs really teach amongst themselves, but it's the "writing as JWs" part that is so daft. If this tract is going to be part of a big push, then it'll find its way into offended non-JW hands anyway won't it?

    As I said, let them dig their own hole. Stuff like this just makes us look like nutters and/or shit-stirrers.

  • minimus

    I still disagree with using this type of propaganda.

  • Gerard

    On the seventh day, while god rested, the devil created religion.

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    I think that if we just leave them to their own devices they will bring themselves down. They certainly have done a magnificent job of it thus far.


  • DannyHaszard

    Not far fetched at all ARMAGEDDON IMMINENT WTS PR media push ! A surefire to backfire

    The Watchtower leaders are arrogant psychopaths and can be counted on to assume their psychopathic profile of not learning from their mistakes.

  • Gregor

    Out of appreciation for metatron, who really is one of the best posters here, I want to modify and clarify my last post. When the WTS publishes something as inflammatory as the tract referred to by meta. I agree it would be smart to bring this to the attention of the general public by whatever means we can use. This should definitely include using the media. My only disagreement is in sending accompanying outrageous letters impersonating a real JW.

    Several years ago a young JW ("annointed"at that) man with a wife and two kids flipped out and in one night firebombed 3(?) local churches in the small town of Modesto, Calif. No serious damage was done but of course it was big frontpage news locally and regionally. After the second day of news coverage with no mention of his JW background I gathered up a couple of Watchtowers with illustrations of burning, collapsing churches and went to the local newspaper and talked to the reporter covering the story. I layed out the story of where this young man might have gotten his inspiration, including the special status he claimed as an "annointed one" in the church. The reporter was very interested and thank me for the info. The upshot was that not a single word was ever published in the paper about this connection.

    Bottom line, in my experience, the mainstream media is very cautious about negative storys about established religions.

  • daniel-p

    "the mainstream media is very cautious about negative storys about established religions."

    True, but I think this varies greatly from locality to locality. What one editor in Modesto wouldn't publish is something someone elsewhere might. There is plenty of prejudicial, biased reporting in local and regional papers, but all we need is for them to report the findings; we don't even NEED a spin.

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