A Chance to Wreck The Society.....

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  • metatron

    If it's true that the Society is starting a special campaign against "False Religion", WE MAY HAVE THEM AT OUR MERCY!!!!!!!!!


    Think about it: If they are stupid enough to print some cheap tract that shows churches and 'stars of David' as 'false religion', we may

    be able to cause enormous trouble by sending these to all public agencies dealing with intolerance and prejudice.

    More than that, by posing as Witnesses, these tracts may be sent to various people and groups with accompanying letters

    warning them that "God is going to kill you and your children soon!"

    Think about how this could play out, if they really are stupid enough to print pictures similar to the old "Paradise" book. The last

    time they did this with a special Watchtower, years ago, they got a lot of negative feedback about it.


  • AuldSoul

    That is a very interesting idea. A "black propaganda" opportunity if ever there was one. And the beauty is THEY actually printed the materials and ENCOURAGED distribution.

    [mulling it over] Veddy, veddy eentadesting.


  • metatron

    Here's an even more powerful thought: suppose they actually use a crescent in the tract or other information linking violence

    with Islam!

    Can you say 'organizational suicide'?


  • sir82

    I'm beginning to wonder if they are acting recklessly to try to entice some sort of "persecution" upon themselves. Sort of a slightly milder version of Joe Ratherflawed's strategy of agitating the populace by driving sound cars around and standing in front of churches with "Religion is a Snare and a Racket" sandwich boards.

    Think about it. Witnesses are gettinng lazy and complacent, cruising along with their 4 hours a month and heading to the beach on the weekend. Very few bother to "reach out" for more "privileges" any more.

    If there is a strong public backlash, the leaders can cry "Persectution! Persecution! Just like Jesus said would happen!" This would have a tendency to make the true believers more united, and perhaps weed out some of the slackers.

    On other threads, some have mentioned that the Society would probably prefer to have a smaller band of rabidly loyal followers, than a larger band of mostly indifferent ones. Perhaps they have seen the writing on the wall--the days of growth are over, no matter what they do, so let's make sure our core support is fiercely loyal. What better way than to foment an "us against the world" spirit than by preaching a more controversial message, which may prompt stronger opposition?

  • metatron

    Consider an old rumor from the Rutherford age: The Judge issued some bombastic screed and an underling named Arthur Goux

    almost published instructions to have the resolution nailed to church doors! Needless to say , this would have been a legal disaster

    for the Watchtower.

    Moral: don't underestimate their collective stupidity.


  • minimus

    Met, I wouldn't encourage this meaningless stirring up. You know that if people take your idea and run with it, it would just come out in the KM how the "apostates" are trying to mislead the public and authorities and it will make us look less truthful.

  • metatron

    Not so, minimus. Please think about how this would 'play out'. The Society would be confronted with confusion as to whether their

    own flock sent out an inherently offensive message to influential groups and people - or "apostates" did! They could complain

    in the KM as they wish - and still 'reap the worldwind' from their own mistakes! They could be CORNERED as to confronting


    Allow me to point out that this technique has been used by intelligence agencies for years - and was used against the Nazis

    in WW2 - namely, that you defeat them with their own fanaticism.


  • glitter

    More than that, by posing as Witnesses, these tracts may be sent to various people and groups with accompanying letters

    warning them that "God is going to kill you and your children soon!"

    So rather than let them dig their own hole, you propose we be dumbasses instead? Terrific.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Worst idea I've ever heard. Sounds like a snl skit gone awry. Yeah, lets all go dress up as Jehovah's Witnesses to overthrow their tyrannical little empire. Afterwards, we'll pose as Amway salesmen and sell people junk to hurt Amway's reputation.

  • metatron

    If they are digging their own hole, I propose giving them a backhoe to help them!

    Gee, funny isn't it how naysayers suddenly appear as if out of nowhere to decry this idea!

    Let me repeat, this sort of action is used by intelligence agencies all the time. They do so for a simple reason: it works.

    Nor is any deception required - as the Society has said enough , over the years, to bury themselves.

    Suppose Joe Bureaucrat at Amnesty International/the UN Commission on Human Rights/ the Museum of Tolerance/

    Your Congressman/the local synagogue get a personal copy and message about their families' coming doom by Jehovah?


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