How I discovered the true face of the Governing Body!

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  • truth.ceeker

    Welcome Phillipe! and thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate that you did your research on the blood issue and I would like to use this when talking to my wife about the upcoming surgery on my daughter. If you have this in another format, such as word or pdf, that would be great, otherwise I will gather your notes and present it to my wife for review.


  • mkr32208

    Great story and welcome!

    How has your relationship with your parents changed due to this? Are you back on good terms with them?

  • Pistoff

    BRAVO to you for your courage, and sacrifice. I am just sure that your clear and neutral letters and posts will give someone else the courage to question the elders and GB.



  • Sunnygal41

    Bonjour, Philippe! Comment ca va? Bienvenidos a JWD! LOL! I took two years of French in HS.........been a long time, but, I still remember a few bits and pieces............amazing story, yours. What I find is how little patience and compassion these "Big Trees of Righteousness" seem to have in real life...........anyways, glad you wised up before too much more of your life was wasted.......


  • Khufu

    Yes, I know Jacques Luc, Narkissos. We had long telephone conversations. He helped me quite a lot.

    Truth.ceeker: I just published my letter in Word format at this address:

    Good question mkr32208! One of the great blessings of leaving the witness organization was to fully reconnect with my parents. I have a close relation with them again. What a relief!

  • sf

    I discovered the true governing boobs through google:

  • serendipity

    Hi Phillip and welcome! I'm glad you're moving forward with your life and about to embark on an adventure!

  • foundfreedom

    Welcome to the board, interesting story. I hope that you find the happiness that you are looking for.

  • yesidid
    Robert Landis was nice and understanding, but had to tell me that the Governing Body does not hold hearings.

    What you were wanting was for them to answer your questions Yes?

    I am just trying to imagine Jesus saying “Sorry you traveled five thousand miles to see me, but I don’t answer questions”.

    Or imagine Jesus not even seeing a questioning disciple. Imagine him sending out an offisider to tell them he wouldn't even be bothered talking to them.

    "By their fruit".

    We lcome Philippe. It's great to meet you.


  • Legolas

    Thanks for sharing!

    Welcome to the board!

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