as a jw..did you ever have a REAL theological discussion with anyone?

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  • jwfacts

    Not many theologians talk to JWs at the door, and if one does a JW does not bother to go back. I thought I was having theological discussions, but in reality it was normally debates with other young Born Again Christians whose scriptural knowledge was no deeper than mine.

  • Theocrat

    When I was a JW, conducted lots of Bible studies, and as a Ministerial Servant with the duties of an Elder, a lot of people came to me for help. Even then, I knew that the WTS was structured too much like a cult and I didn't agree with their urging everybody to study study study NOT THE BIBLE, BUT THEIR LITERATURE. So in my studies with people, and even in field service, I most always took ONLY my Bible with me. When I talked to somebody, it was with the genuine purpose to help them see what the Bible says about things, and that it's the only book with answers to all of life's questions.

    I've always been well versed in scripture as I have been studying intensely since I was a teenager and I covertly got my degree in New Testament Greek while in good standing in the congregation. You would be surprised at how much more effective I was one-on-one and in field service when I made the Bible and IT'S message of salvation the focal point of my conversations. I always thought to myself, "If this is how Witnesses went door to door, we would be sooo much more productive."

    I miss those deep theological conversations, though.

  • freetosee

    I grew up in an English speaking congregation in Germany, publishers had assigned territories to work in, mainly housing (British and American military homes) and search territories. My first territory, after baptism, was a search territory with very large student and refugee homes. As I have posted before I didn’t feel comfortable placing literature and went only with my bible, tracts and the multi-language "All Nations" brochure.

    I meat many wonderful people and almost very door was open. Meeting perfect strangers not understanding each others languages and yet preparing a beautiful meal was most encouraging and baffled my concept of spiritual paradise.

    It was most challenging as I spoke to very educated people, including theologians. I was well familiar with all the WT teaching and could explain them by using the bible. But I think they were most impressed that I was only 16 and going out preaching. Many times it was them teaching me and not the other way. But on returning I was well prepared and we got into lengthy and deep conversations. This was very educational for me. Discussing the bible with Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims I was often impressed by their bible knowledge. When asking elders to join me in support I soon realized how little qualified the elders are.

    These deep conversations were my stronghold and "down fall" at the same time. To me field service (this may sound strange to many) was the best part of JW life. I continued FS and ‘bible studies’ after discontinuing meeting attendance.

    And you are right all we were thought to do was: distribute WT literature and prepared-question-and-answer-coverage-of-WT-indoctrination-material called ‘Bible Study’.

    Thank you, this question brings back nice memories.


  • candidlynuts

    back in the 70s i remember my dad and other grown ups having good discussions...especially during the babylon the great book study.

    back then the study went at its own pace and discussion was encouraged.

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