Odd Announcement at District Convention

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  • Fe2O3Girl

    I started a topic on the "7000 year day" doctrine. The last reference to it seemed to be around 1987. It has been shelved.

  • daniel-p

    "So far, it looks like this was only announced at Dan-p's convention. I will be going later this summer, we will see if it's announced there."

    Very odd. You know, what may have happened is this: Some nutjob mentioned something awry in his talk - something that didn/t wuite jive with the "healthful words of truth" from the society, and the chairman' office busted out a little article or letter to read to the convention at the next break in order to correct the brother. Of course, if so, I was completely spacing out at the time he mentioned anything "wrong."
    This is the only possible explanation I can come up with if no one else can verify the same "announcement" at their convention. Although, I'm pretty sure I would have caught it if something was said.

  • daniel-p

    "This announcement... may have been made by a fella 'on his way out'? so to speak?
    Perhaps he was 'summoned' to the inner chambers afterward - where he was 'talked to', never to be seen (on stage) again."

    No, it was the chairman who read it, and he referred to it as a letter from the society. This happened on a Fri. or Sat. and he did all three days.

  • blondie

    *** w98 1/15 p. 9 "Walking by Faith, Not by Sight" ***


    Had there been rain prior to this? The Bible does not say. Genesis 2:5 says: "Jehovah God had not made it rain." But this is how Moses, who lived centuries later, expressed matters in discussing not Noah’s day but a time long before that. As shown at Genesis 7:4, Jehovah referred to rain when speaking to Noah, and evidently Noah understood what he meant. Yet, Noah’s faith was not in what he could see. The apostle Paul wrote that Noah was "given divine warning of things not yet beheld." God told Noah that He was going to bring upon the earth "the deluge of waters," or "the heavenly ocean," as a footnote in the New World Translation expresses it at Genesis 6:17. Down to that time, such a thing had never occurred. But all creation visible to Noah stood as an evident demonstration that God could indeed bring such a destructive deluge. Moved by faith, Noah built the ark.

  • wednesday

    perhaps this is their way of corecting an error but it in a way that most jws will never know,or care. sort of like the generation change. they did print it in the wt. but how many jws failed to notice or care? quiet a few actually, i was there in 95 and harldly noticed..

    so they make an off hand comment at the meetings and correct a mistake so if ever asked about this, they can say"we did so correct that, and it was announced at a DA convention"

  • serendipity

    Hi daniel,

    I really wished you remembered which day you heard this announcement. I'll probably go on Saturday, but not Friday. If I hear the same announcement, I'll post here.

  • daniel-p

    I'm willing to bet it was a Saturday.

  • Seeker4

    This seems really odd. An announcement like that is just completely out of place - and obviously not mentioned at any other convention. Are you sure of what you heard? Ask others who were at your convention what happened.


  • AuldSoul


    It may have been a way to address an issue from the platform (one-way communication) that was raised by a significant number of people in your District.


  • blondie

    I noticed that there is a talk on the program about the "deep things" of the Bible. In times past at conventions, this part was a discussion of various WTS doctrines that had changed and the change had not penetrated the consciousness of the rank and file or they were questions that people at the door brought up that confused and baffled the R&F.

    Maybe this was the part where the "no rain" teachng was "clarified" per the 1998 material that many rank and file "missed."


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