Do You Recognize Yourself As A Jehovah's Witness Still?

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  • minimus

    I haven't been to a meeting in 3 years and when I tell people about my past, I tell them I USED to be a Witness.

  • pmouse

    When the JW subject is brought up, I usually say, "I used to be one of those. It's a cult you know, I'm lucky to be free." Illicits many questions and comments relating to how strange it is as well as the people involved. A good way to enlighten those who ask about its tactics, hold on members, etc.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    No, but I am disassociated, so I can truly say I am not a jw. I will admit to being a former jw though, if asked.

  • blondie

    6 consecutive months not turning in a time slip = no longer in the numbers reported to headquarters

    *** w57 2/15 p. 114 par. 4 How Jehovah’s Witnesses View Their Ministry ***

    If one does not witness, he is not one of Jehovah’s witnesses.

    I guess I'm no longer a JW.


  • moomanchu

    This question just came up at work this week,

    I told them I'm a non practicing JW

    since I have only faded (8 years)

  • xjwms

    when asked I say

    I am an inactive JW for the last five years.

  • prophecor

    A Witness in recovery, I like think of myself as. I will inform those, when the issue comes up, that I was once one of Jehovah's Witness. I, however, do not go out of my way to furnish or publish such information. People treat you funny once they find out that you was once a Jehovah

  • greendawn

    I altogether D'Aed from the dubs way back in 1987 and became inactive after only a year, in 1980, so if some people that knew me say but you were also a JW I just reply to them that I tried them out for a year determined that they were no good and then felt justified to give up on them because they proved clearly to be a cultic style organisation.

  • parakeet

    No, not even when I was one. I never really felt a part of it.

  • gumby


    I was out in service just yesterday


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