I fired the Watchtower Society

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  • dinah


    Bless your heart! Make sure you let us know when you need to vent. Choosing between a blood-relative and a man-made religion causes undue stress.

    Grissom, piss off.

  • sass_my_frass

    Wow, fantastic work bro! Congratulations!! (and commisserations....)

    It hurts like nothing else ever has, but that will fade. Stay close to your brother. Any time anything is on your mind, write it down. Talk about it with everybody you trust. The grieving will pass, and then you can move on to building the new you. I feel like I'm starting over with a fresh mind and building a brand new personality, it's frightening and exciting.

    Glad and sad for you. Keep it together.

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    So, you you fired the Wacthtower. I really like this headset. Excellent. This shows you have taken control of the situation and you will not be a victim, which how the cultic groups stay in control (by keeping former members in the victim mindset). Only victims can be controlled. I personally believe that most former JW's eventually get to this point, where they simply refuse to be manipulated anylonger. For me, it came very quickly. Not that I'm any smarter than anyone alse, its just that I was born an independent spirit and it goes against my 'grain' to allow others to tell me where, how, when or what to do. Well, good for you that you won't allow anyone to manipulate you any further from the Watchower group. Its your life. You put your food on the table, and it's your life to do with as you please. Yes, very good for you, indeed!

    (BTW, to my friends here on the forum. When you respond to a troll, you may offend him or insult him, but in the end, any attention he gets here is better than what he is getting elsewhere and he will return for more. Such persons are loosers, and aren't worth a keystroke.)

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene



  • DaCheech

    One person in my congregation got df'd for immorality, after the family was warned on many occasions not to talk....or else!

    This person decided to come back to meetings in order to get re-instated!

    The Society has many people by the balls!

  • LeftBehind

    Hi everyone. I wanted to post a little update. I have been beseiged (sp?) with phone calls and e-mails wanting to know if its true that I am no longer a JW. My former friend even called to ream me about turning apostate and called me the biggest dumbass ever. Are JW's supposed to use that kind of language? If I were still a dubbie I would have turned her in. So to the e-mails I respond with a generic "No I am not an apostate. The Faithful and Discreet Slave are the apostates." I have been accused of of everything from blasphemy to being the child of Satan. The e-mails are getting fewer and fewer. I was walking in Wal-Mart and this one dubbie tried to avoid me. He was giving me hateful looks, not watching where he was going and he walked right into a bunch of carts. It was so funny. Other than that all is well in my life. Hope everyone else is doing well.

    P.S. Someone tried to send me a PM but I cannot access it or see who it is from. There must be some kind of technical glich. I will try again next time I log on.

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