What Are Effective Ways To Get Rid of The Witnesses?

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  • Swan
    Hang a I LOVE RAY FRANZ sign on your door. This should effectively get rid of 99% of them.

    Actually, I have a tactic similar to this, but haven't yet had a good opportunity to use it. It depends on the individual at the door. If they seem nice, I am very polite in return but then inform them that I DAed about 12 years ago and to please put me on their do not call list.

    If they aren't so nice, I have a backup plan. I keep a my Crisis of Conscience near the front door. I'll say, "Oh, you're using your book? Let me get mine!"


  • greendawn

    If you show that you really know the subject and that you can argue it out and bring them into a state of bewilderment they are sure not to come back even if they say we will come back with our elders to answer your questions, they prefer the ignorant people they can deceive and manipulate.

  • parakeet

    Prepare in advance printouts of some of the best threads on this site (be sure to include Farkel's). When the witnesses come to the door, offer a trade: their current offering of truth du jour for your printout. Promise you'll read their stuff if they read yours, and invite them to come back any time to discuss each other's conclusions. You'll never see them again, ever.

  • minimus

    Forget Farkel. I'll just use Minimus threads.

  • parakeet

    Yes, minimus, your threads are very good, too. But my favorite threads are still Farkel's--logical, direct, scathing, devastating.

  • DannyHaszard

    "Make it Maine" Danny, now a born-again Christian! (a very mild BA to my fellow posters here at JWD)

    Yep,born agains are to JW's like holy water to a vampire (why is that? kinda scary when you think about it)

  • minimus

    I like Farkel's too when he's actually trying to reach the heart of a Witness without too much deriding. But for some reason I'm still more partial to Minimus' threads.........Danny, I KNEW you'd be on this thread!

  • kid-A
  • minimus

    This door knocker's got quite the expression. It takes a lot of balls to go there.

  • Check_Your_Premises
    When they knock on your door, make some pleasant conversation and then tell them you need to step away for a bit...

    Come back with a large pitcher or bucket of water, swing it back, then swing it forward.... and let momentum do the rest.

    FOr all those who take this approach or the guns or the pitbulls, could I just make one small request...

    ...please don't do it when my wife shows up with my 3 year old daughter

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