Does anyone else have high Cholesterol?

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  • prophesariah

    I had high cholesterol approx. a year ago. I was able to lower it with the assistance of a nutritionist. Dietary changes are effective. Fortunately, I did not have to take any of those harmful cholesterol lowering medications. Much of what Snoozy said and the suggestions you were given, in terms of food, & drinking water is what I incorporated.

  • ann in Texas
    ann in Texas

    I use to high cholestrol. Mine is also probably genetic. All the women in my family have it. Yet, for the past three months my cholestrol has been under control. In fact, it has never been better. What helped me and in a sense cured me was a diet. Well, it's not really a diet, but more like a change in lifestyle.


    It seriously works.

  • nicolaou

    Blood type diet? Never heard of it Ann, could you elaborate?

  • Scully


    The book I think she's talking about is called Eat Right For Your Type, by Peter D'Adamo.

  • nicolaou

    Are you familiar with this Scully? I'd appreciate your knowledgable input.

  • inbyathread

    There was a CO in our area recently that was trying this 'type' of diet (Had to put that pun in). Of course as a life long witness he didn't know his blood type so at his last physical he asked that his blood by tested so he could try this diet. Since all the CO's have their medical bills payed by the society (lucky bast**ds) the charges for blood typing was received. He gets a phone call from bethel wondering why the test for bloodl typing. Since witnesses don't get blood transfusions they won't be paying the bill for the testing.

    Note: No violation of the HIPPA laws were made in the receiving or stating of this information.

  • Scully

    Apart from owning the book, I haven't really researched it well, Nic. I've noticed that the recommendations that are in the book for my blood type are pretty much the way my family and I eat already. Mr Scully has the same blood type as me and eats basically the same foods as I do (although he does tend to add pie and ice cream more frquently) and has high cholesterol levels, so I can't vouch for the plan yet, just because I haven't forced Mr Scully stick to it.

    For each blood type, various food categories are broken down into "Highly beneficial", "neutral" and "avoid" sub-categories.

    D'Adamo has a website where you can explore the lifestyle further.

    Here's a brief synopsis - I've transcribed the portions in bullet points from the introductory pages of each "Type's" chapter:

    Blood type O:

    • Meat eater
    • Hardy digestive tract
    • Overactive immune system
    • Intolerant to dietary and environmental adaptations
    • Responds best to stres with intense physical activity
    • Requires an efficient metabolism to stay lean and energetic

    There is heavy emphasis on consuming meat, seafood, eggs and chicken, boosting thyroid function with foods containing iodine, limiting foods that promote insulin resistance, and practically eliminating all dairy products.

    Blood type A:

    • The first vegetarian
    • Reaps what he sows
    • Sensitive digestive tract
    • Tolerant immune system
    • Adapts well to settled dietary and environmental conditions
    • Responds best to stress with calming action
    • Requires agrarian diet to stay lean and productive

    Meat is supposedly toxic to this type, and the diet eliminates all red meat and highly restricts poultry in favour of moderate amounts of seafood and dairy products. Recommended protein sources include nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, whole grains and pastas. "Vegetables are vital to the Type A Diet." (p. 111) Fruits are also highly recommended (but not just any fruit, just the ones recommended for your type).

    Blood type B:

    • Balanced
    • Strong immune system
    • Tolerant digestive system
    • Most flexible dietary choices
    • Dairy eater
    • Responds best to stress with creativity
    • Requires a balance between physical and mental activity to stay lean and sharp

    This type is supposed to do best with high amounts of seafood, moderate amounts of red meat and almost eliminates poultry and shellfish. Dairy products are beneficial to this blood type. Nuts and seeds are to be avoided, as are many beans and legumes (except kidney beans, lima beans and navy beans). Recommended grains feature millet, oat bran, oat meal, puffed rice, rice bran; wheat products are to be avoided. Moderate amounts of pasta are permitted. Vegetables and fruits are limited to 3-5 (veg) and 3-4 (fruit) servings daily, but only from the recommended (beneficial) category.

    Blood type AB:

    • Modern merging of A and B
    • Chameleon's response to changing environmental and dietary conditions
    • Sensitive digestive tract
    • Overly tolerant immune system
    • Responds best to stress spiritually, with physical verve and creative energy
    • An evolutionary mystery

    Some red meat and poultry are permitted (although beef is to be avoided), although the protein staple of this Type's diet should be seafood. Dairy products are also featured prominently in this diet. Nuts and seeds are OK, and so are beans and legumes. Cereals are also recommended (remembering that they will be divided into "Highly beneficial", "neutral" and "avoid" categories). Breads are a neutral food type, to be consumed in moderation, only when your immune system is at peak performance. Grains and pastas are ok, but rices are favored over pasta. Vegetables and fruits are recommended as well.

  • serendipity

    There was an Awake article several years back casting doubt on the blood type diet, personality typing, etc. I'm surprised the CO missed it.

    The blood type diet helped me with some food sensitivities that caused stomach problems and probably GERD. It also helped my brother in law with his IBS.

  • wanderlustguy

    500 MG of niacin per day...use the flush free or you'll regret it.

    It's OTC and a LOT cheaper than precriptions.

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