Did the elders ever blackmail you with dead loved ones?

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  • Momofmany

    I was told that my daughter would never be resurrected if I didn't come back. Her resurrection relied on me. She was a baby, and could not be held accountable. So by leaving, I have condemned her, and all of my children. (well, all of them if the end comes before they are old enough)

    Makes you just feel the love doesn't it.

  • Erenora nz
    Erenora nz

    Hi there, I am so sorry for your losses. I know death is a hard issue to deal with, and when others say the wrong thing say at the wrong time, that doesnt help very much. I can empathise with you. But I dont think the Elders meanst any harm for you or neither did they intend on minimising the fact that you have lost someone dear and true to you, I am certain they meant to encourage you in knowing in the fact that Jehovah has the power to restore life. After all, he created life, and he can take it away.

  • Erenora nz
    Erenora nz

    I am certain ttat Nana means, she would like for you to stop chasing Satan's world and because you lost your Dad, I honestly think Nana is looking to the new System, and because you are caught up in this system(Satan's System) you are not willing to do the truth. But Nan is trying her best to keep you focused on the new system, and you are right, Nan is using the GUILT TRIP, because Nana wants you to get through this ugly System, and be there when Dad comes into the new system. Who is gonna be in the new system to meet Dad when he is resurrected. It wont be Nana?? Might leave the rest for you to think it over.

  • ColdRedRain

    Didn't you get the memo? There is no new system. The whole idea of a new system is based on a faulty interpretation of Rev 7. Also, you're putting credence into a book that's based on a man that had a virgin for a mother who also walked on water, raised the dead and healed the sick with his bare hands. And what's worse, you[re putting faith in an organization that says this same man came to earth invisibly in 1914.

    Leave us alone. You really serve no purpose on this board than posting an argument that was argued ad nasuem and has been debunked on other threads.

    BTW, speaking of "Satan's system", how do you feel about "Jehovah's Organization" advertising for the United Nations as a requirement for funding? Kinda blurs the line of Satan's and Jehovah's system now, does it.

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