My Dad's new Wife is a less than thrilling person..

by runningrussianboy 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • just2sheep


    i have to notice that you didn't pm me. is there a reason for this? as a matter of fact none of the things said about or to me, with one exception, has been in private. do you not see a problem with this?


    orbison11 you have a pm.

  • jgnat

    Guys, can the moderator stuff be taken offline, please?

    the way whats up with Star Wars being acceptable to watch as a JW and Sleeping Bueaty wasn't? Guns in space ok, A little majic potion and were missing the bus to the heavenly earth? Crazy!

    That's hilarious! The reason everyone wants you to hook up with Richie Rich is that he also is being booted by his family, is funny, smart, and all around a swell guy.

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