Do we have non-Biblical evidence that Jesus Christ existed?

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  • greendawn

    "God if he exists in any form has abandoned his creation."

    Or could it be the other way round, the creation abandoned its God? The world in general is not interested in applying the gospel and mankind continues much in the same way as since the days of Babylon when under Nimrod's influence they turned their back to God.

    Somehow mankind fails to create the spiritual culture that brings near to God. There goes the mystery, there goes the conspiracy. And who can lift this instinct driven and dominated world into a lofty spiritual type of culture? Even the churches failed and that includes the JWs.

  • Blueblades

    It all depends on which camp you side on. YES, NO, we are all dependant on what is written down through the ages. Unless you have a personl experience, remember the mind can play tricks on you. Nothing matters concerning the answer to this question. At one time the members on this forum swore that they had the truth. That they had a relationship with Jehovah in the name of Jesus. Now they say they don't. What changed? They had a personal experience with Jesus. History don't matter to them. Later they may change their minds again. Who really knows the truth about these things?


  • Black Man
    Black Man


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The academic literature reports there is no decent contemporary source. Remember, Jesus supposedly performed mass miracles, upset the Jewish authorities, and was executed by a combo of Jewish leaders and Rome itself. Yet not one contemporary remark. Still, most scholars believe there was an actual man b/c of the fervor of his followers. They have no clue what the actual person taught or whether he performed miracles. Water in to wine, healing the sick, raising the dead -- these stories would have a vivid impact.

    We know what the early church taught but not what people taught back in Jesus' day. Some people don't even agree that he must have existed. I was not present so I don't know. I've read all these "historical Jesus" books for decades but most of its is educated conjecture rather than proof. Within a few decades, some of the suppositions have changed.

    Of course, Paul emphasized the Risen Christ over the historical Jesus.

  • hamsterbait

    Did the Buddha exist? Did the Taoist miracle workers exist?

    I have read a lot of religious books in my time.

    Buddha walked on water as did others - the miracle occurs so often in religious stories that one hesitates to grant it such a status.

    Ditto all the other stuff you read in the Jewish Myths, part I and part II.

    "Hi Folks, My name is Jesus, what's yours ?(allow for comment) My daddy is a vengeful bad-tempered psychopath. But I am nice. DNA has not yet been discovered, so I cannot have any of his in me. Join a cult real soon and be HAPPY."


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