Where or what would you be today, if you would have never became a JW?

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  • minimus

    A gynecologist.

  • Highlander

    I don't want to even get started on that question as it will only piss me off.

    Minimus, your answer got me thinking.

    Can a JW be a gynecologist? Or would he/she get DF'd for uncleaness or loose conduct?

  • slimboyfat

    An even lower down bum than I currently am, no doubt

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    My parents met because they were jaydubs. It was the very reason for my existence, though the reason does not exist anymore for me. So I was never meant to be in the first place...

    Because of our unique experience of absolute truth turning into obvious lie, us exjdubs have become acutely aware of the fickleness of fate. Questioning deeply embedded beliefs will put everything into question - who am I, who should I be/have been, where should I be/have been.

    But of course life is just as fickle for all those that have not become aware of this because they were never born, or if they were, were killed in a senseless car accident -- just as fickle for those that have become acutely aware because they were the heart-broken parent of the victim of that car accident -- just as fickle for those that have not become aware, coasting along contently because they were never confronted with mind-boggling dilemmas of angst-induced absolute truth about a supposed choice between everlasting life or eternal destruction.

    Because we sometimes demonize JWism we should at least not doubt the no doubt often sincere, idealistic and honourable motives behind those "choices" we now regret. Dwelling on this impossible and elusive proposition - thinking in terms as if you had a say in the matter; a really informed choice - is guaranteed to cause unhappiness. We never chose to be misled. Most people, if not all, are misled to a certain extent. It is simply that our lie was exposed which should make us aware that having a choice is a relative thing. In real life no one gets the informed choice between the blue or the red pill. At least when we tasted the red pill we somehow chose to swallow it. We should commend ourselves for our courage. I think we should not torture ourselves too much with overrating the heavy burden of choice (even though I still do so myself).


  • Warlock

    Where would I be if I had never become a J.W.? I believe the place is called San Quentin State Prison.


  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Hm, being raised a jw, it's almost impossible to tell. But I'm mostly a creative being. Like Fleur, a person who loves to sing. But that all being said...

    Had I Not been raised a jw, had I not been who I am now...

    I would Not have my husband and 2 children and a business that we are slowly working our asses off on but that we dearly love, and in short... I guess I would rather not know what my life would have been like, because I love my life as it is now.

    But hm, maybe an archaelogist.


  • blondie

    I grew up in an abusive family but meetings and FS were an escape from my non-JW father. Without that protection, I would have killed him...and spent some time in prison and gone to college on the state's dime. Lawyer maybe...........

    My problem is that once I got away from his abuse, I stayed too long with the WTS and its abuse.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hard to say really. I would think my working career would have taken a different path. I had ambitions to be a teacher, which I abandoned to become a pioneer, and I might have got married and had children, which I have never done.

  • Junction-Guy

    One word: Happy

    From a born in/raised in

  • CountryGuy

    I'm what I like to call a JW Donut... I wasn't raised in the troof, but I was raised around it.

    My folks were baptised right before 1975, I was either two or three. They became inactive around my 8th birthday. Then became active again around the time I turned 13. They were in it up until I was 26 when an elder "stumbled" my mother. (Stumbled... did her a favor.... it's all the same.)

    How would my life be different? Well, my mom always told me that she almost ran off to California with me with out telling my father where she was because they were having problems. The pioneer couple that studied with them helped them work out their problems. (Apparently they actually gave better advice than "wait on Jehobah."

    So, I'm guessing I'd be in California, probably around the Eureka area where my mom had lived before. Maybe I'd have gone to a really good school like UCLA or Pepperdine... or maybe I would have gone to UC-Santa Barbara... You just never really know.

    I don't know that I would have even known my father. My mother (and her whole family) can hold a grudge for YEARS! And, guys, my dad is my hero. I can't imagine my life without him. So, I guess I have to be a little thankful to that pioneer couple for helping my folks stay together. I totally acknowledge that I am soooo lucky to have all my family together free from the grip of the WTS. I know there are many others who aren't. If I didn't have my family in my life still, then I know that I would feel differently.


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