Circuit Overseers Tales of Grief and Woe

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    Bring 'em on and welcome to the forum.

  • delilah

    Sure!!! I like to read....oh, and uh, WELCOME!!!!!

  • CaptainSchmideo


    We want to hear about:

    20 dollar handshakes

    The politics of mass elder removal

    How to convince a brother to sign over a 100,000 dollar insurance settlement for free labor and a "JW-Generic-built" house.

  • pistchio


  • Jourles

    You know that's like asking a bunch of kids in a candy store if they want candy, right?

    You wouldn't happen to have any official written communications from bethel would you? Kind of like the letters to the body of elders, but for CO's? That would be a goldmine of information.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Looking forward to those stories - you have a Private Message.


  • Jourles

    Can you at least whet our appetite just a little? Maybe a *short* story?

    Mmmmm, I like appetizers.

  • Balaams Ass
    Balaams Ass

    Thanks everybody

    It has spurned me to get it all collated. With regards to documents, I still have every letter, Manuscript Talk outline for almost every Elders school, meetings, Conventions, assembly's, answers to queries from the service department. You name it.

    Most of it is not worth much, but there are a few nuggets here and there, hence the Tales of Woe and Grief.

    The Ass
    I have just discovered the PM thing. Any private messages very welcome. BTW is it a secure system?

  • TheListener

    Welcome Ass.

    OK ok I know that wasn't right.

    Welcome Balaam's Ass. or BA.

    I look forward to your posts. As far as documents go what is boring and mundane to you is exciting and new to us. Perhaps you can work something out with 'cause they have a lot of documentation already.

    Good luck with your family.

  • Emma

    I'm really interested in reading them.

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