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  • beautifulisfree

    Here is an other websight:

    I know you can see 'things' in natural things like trees clouds etc. But, if I drew something you could try your hardest and NOT fiind something satanic. Why wouldn't the society use demonic things to influence the minds of people?? The society has such a hold on people its crazy! And you are lucky if you end up half-way normal after leaving.

  • ballistic

    beautifulisfree, I did find the web site interesting when I first discovered it several years ago, but maybe leaving a mindset like "the truth" brought out the sceptic in me. Sometimes I think it's healthy to add an ounce of scepticism, especially when reading something that can never actually be proved.

  • daniel-p

    "NO ONE can deny the evidence!

    To even try, is an insult to your own intelligence!"


  • beautifulisfree
    the truth" brought out the sceptic in me

    I was a sceptic when I was in the 'truth' I didn't believe any thing that some apostate or a molested child had to say. I am not saying it's 100% true but I wouldn't put it past them.

  • IP_SEC
    Why wouldn't the society use demonic things to influence the minds of people??

    What are demonic things and what proof is there that said things can influence anyone.?

  • freetosee

    I was more frightened because of the many demon stories we were told as children. But I also remember seeing faces in the literature. One sister was good at finding them and would joke about it after the meetings.

    IF these subliminal findings were put in purposely by the WTS, together with the constant talk about Satan and his demons seeking to devour us, this could influence some people. (I am not saying this is any proof.) Then again, I too wouldn’t put it past WTS. I think humans are more easily influenced then we would like to admit.

    Today I don’t believe in spirits or demons of any kind. I don’t agree when people demonise everyone and everything in the WTS, it is not a demon organisation, it is a human organisation. As I was leaving the organisation I was very afraid of Satan and had to learn to trust worldly people.

  • parakeet

    You don't have to search for obscure weirdness in JW drawings. There's plenty right out in the open in JW doctrine and history. Put the picture books away and start reading instead.

  • wanderlustguy

    Notice the site refers to "professional artists" but no names are given...kinda like the "respected bible scholars" in the org.

    Wishful thinking.

  • geevee

    There is a book by a guy, Derek Lightfoot....Barefoot...something like this that has heaps of details about all this stuff. It is there, but does it have to be?

  • MsMcDucket

    I went to the site. I didn't read the article, but what was I supposed to see in the art that was hidden?

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