Mount Horeb, WI Gun Shot Victim.....Peterson Woman(JW)?????

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  • KrazyKate

    Long time Lurker here(never was Baptized)

    I am from Madison WI looking for others I may know. Parents studied with the Witnesses for a long time but found the truth about the truth.(parents were educated..HA!) Any who, I am 26 single(not looking) female.

    Saw this in the paper and know the family really well. I was called this morning by my mother about the incident. Does anyone know or heard of Tasha Peterson or any family members? Maybe they are on the site. I know Tasha was pretty cool and I thought maybe she could lead a double life.

    Just looking for info on this and maybe a few old friends. After seeing this is what made me finally speak.

    Thanks Kate!

  • SixofNine
  • Jourles

    Tasha is whyamihere(Brooke)'s cousin. No doubt you know Brooke as well....

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Excuse me, whereabouts in WI is Mt Horeb?

  • KrazyKate

    Holy Shit! Brooke? Brooke is on here? I used to hang out and party with Brooke, super cool chick! How do I get a hold of her? Anyone?

  • Jourles
  • KrazyKate

    Mount Horeb, is SW of Madison, WI.

  • HadEnuf

    Hi KrazyKate...I am whyamihere's (Brookie) mother-in-law and live in Stevens Point, WI. Tasha and Brookie are first cousin' fact she stood up in the wedding of my son and Brookie. Her mom Jean and I were best friends for years when I lived in Madison. My husband was a very good friend of Tasha's father, Perry here in Stevens Point.

    My son called last night to let us know about the shooting. We were absolutely shocked. You know...kind of like that stuff happens to other people...not people you know. I sure hope she is going to be all right. Tasha was always my favorite of Perry & Jean's kids.

    cathy l.

  • KrazyKate

    Hadenuf- I didn't know Tahsa's parents all to well. I knew their kids mainly J.T. and Tash. I hung out with that group for a little while. I have many fond memories of Brooke. Funny Sweet and very Sarcastically Witty. I didn't know she was married. I would never have guess Brooke of all people would have gotten married. This all mind blowing finding all of this out.

    Glad to have found this site awhile back. I never knew why my parents never signed up as witnesses until now.

    I hope to hear from Brooke soon.

  • valkyrie

    HadEnuf wrote:

    I am whyamihere's (Brookie) mother-in-law and live in Stevens Point, WI.

    Hi, HadEnuf! Are you acquainted with the Sandra and Jodi McDonald, also in or near Stevens Point, Wisconsin?


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