Mount Horeb, WI Gun Shot Victim.....Peterson Woman(JW)?????

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  • HadEnuf

    Yes...Brookie was married to my adorable oldest son in 1999. was this event and what went on surrounding it that propelled us out of the JW's. (You can look under my topics for more info on that). They have two kiddies too...a little girl, 4 and a little boy, 2. You should pm her. I am sure she would like to hear from an "old" acquaintance! She's still a feisty one that girl!

    valkyrie...yup...have known them for many decades. Watched Jodi grow up. Sandy is okay...but Jodi turned against our family when we had the aforementioned "wedding incident". Sandy was still friendly...but we never see them around much. A small town but not that small.

  • valkyrie

    HadEnuf: Just read your "coming out of the closet" story and, boy(!) the sheer orneriness, petty-mindedness and clannishness of people is stupefying! After an experiences such as yours, one has to know that - for many, many JWs - remaining in the organisation is less about belief that one is "in the truth," but starkly about knowing that one is a member of the club.

    I must confess that I am surprised that Jodi was one of those who shunned you over that incident, given her own, personally difficult experiences with JW standards. I would have thought that a little broad-heartedness was more in order. Then, too, where would she, her mother and sister have been welcomed if such unforgivingly harsh standards had been applied in Sandy's situation?


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