foods that contain blood

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  • carla

    I suppose that tribe in Africa that bleeds their cows to drink the blood as a food source and have never heard of jw's are doomed?

  • greendawn

    With blood they got involved in a legalistic nightmare all those blood fractions and what is OK to take and what is unforgivable to tranfuse, meanwhile they eat plenty of blood in meat.

  • G Money
    G Money

    Pepperoni pizza... well at least I heard it does in Canada. Does it still? Do Canadian witnesses still refuse to eat pepperoni pizza?

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Pepperoni pizza: The really self-righteous dubs do refuse to eat pepperoni pizza. Most of the witnesses I know eat it. When I was in my really self-righteous phase, I wouldn't eat it unless I knew for sure what the ingredients were. This was not that big of a hardship because I don't even like Pepperoni. It was one of those sacrifices that made me look good but didn't really hurt!

    Most people here like it, and so they just ask their favorite pizza places to give them a list of ingredients. I started looking into the ingredients of all the brands of pepperoni for sale up here (again, back in the self-righteous phase) because my husband and son liked Pepperoni. I could not find one brand of Pepperoni that actually listed by-products on the ingredients. So I figured it was all another case of "much JW ado about nothing". After that, I didn't bother checking anymore.

  • MsMcDucket
    this is dumb! Ice cream, milk, and chocolate containing blood parts so you can't have them???

    Yeah, how do you "bleed" ice cream?

  • MsMcDucket

    Kosher slaughtering

    The mammals and birds that may be eaten must be slaughtered in accordance with Jewish law. (Deut. 12:21). We may not eat animals that died of natural causes (Deut. 14:21) or that were killed by other animals. In addition, the animal must have no disease or flaws in the organs at the time of slaughter. These restrictions do not apply to fish; only to the flocks and herds (Num. 11:22).

    Ritual slaughter is known as shechitah, and the person who performs the slaughter is called a shochet, both from the Hebrew root Shin-Chet-Tav, meaning to destroy or kill. The method of slaughter is a quick, deep stroke across the throat with a perfectly sharp blade with no nicks or unevenness. This method is painless, causes unconsciousness within two seconds, and is widely recognized as the most humane method of slaughter possible.

    Another advantage of shechitah is that ensures rapid, complete draining of the blood, which is also necessary to render the meat kosher.

    The shochet is not simply a butcher; he must be a pious man, well-trained in Jewish law, particularly as it relates to kashrut. In smaller, more remote communities, the rabbi and the shochet were often the same person.

    Draining of Blood

    The Torah prohibits consumption of blood. Lev. 7:26-27; Lev. 17:10-14. This is the only dietary law that has a reason specified in Torah: we do not eat blood because the life of the animal is contained in the blood. This applies only to the blood of birds and mammals, not to fish blood. Thus, it is necessary to remove all blood from the flesh of kosher animals.

    The first step in this process occurs at the time of slaughter. As discussed above, shechitah allows for rapid draining of most of the blood.

    The remaining blood must be removed, either by broiling or soaking and salting. Liver may only be kashered by the broiling method, because it has so much blood in it and such complex blood vessels. This final process must be completed within 72 hours after slaughter, and before the meat is frozen or ground. Most butchers and all frozen food vendors take care of the soaking and salting for you, but you should always check this when you are buying someplace you are unfamiliar with.

    An egg that contains a blood spot may not be eaten. This isn't very common, but I find them once in a while. It is a good idea to break an egg into a container and check it before you put it into a heated pan, because if you put a blood-stained egg into a heated pan, the pan becomes non-kosher.

    Forbidden Fats and Nerves

    The sciatic nerve and its adjoining blood vessels may not be eaten. The process of removing this nerve is time consuming and not cost-effective, so most American slaughterers simply sell the hind quarters to non-kosher butchers.

    A certain kind of fat, known as chelev, which surrounds the vital organs and the liver, may not be eaten. Kosher butchers remove this. Modern scientists have found biochemical differences between this type of fat and the permissible fat around the muscles and under the skin.

  • moomanchu

    Pet food contains blood so don't feed your dog or cat that Alpo your damning him/her.

    Also no daring anyone to eat a milkbone bisquit and causing them to miss out on everlasting life.

  • moanzy

    I remember my grama buying shampoo/conditioner at the salon and checking the ingredients because apparently some of these contain blood.

    Also my grama and mom felt it was very important not to purchase cat and dog food that contains blood because if we are not to eat it, then we shouldn't be giving it to our animals. So I ask my mom why it would matter(as my cat is nawing on a big gopher with the eyeball hanging out) if when they catch their own food and eat blood why it would matter if it was in the food we buy for them? The answer is just too stupid to post.


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Moanzy: my dad said the exact same thing about his pet food! I really want to hear that stupid answer. I could use a good laugh.


  • brutusmaximus

    When I was small it was rumoured that some Galaxy choc had blood as did Bovril. How on earth people knew this I will never know. Maybe reading crappy mags they weren't supposed to be filling their minds with in the first place

    One more crazy thing that made me leave.

    I did have a black pudding once but didn't really like the tatse so wasn't missing out on much there to be fair


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