Did You Believe "The End" Was Going To Come In Your Lifetime?

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  • lilybird

    Yes.. when I was a teenager in the year 1975, when they preached it was a marked year and then when nothing happened, they preached we must not serve God on timelines and that we must trust that Jah has his own agenda and we must be faithful and patient..I guess I finally ran out of patience and didn't really care anymore whether armeggedon was coming or not..I wanted to live my life before it was too late to really enjoy it.. ---My way ..not the way the society says I should live.

  • Warlock

    Yes, Under, I know. My daughter is one of them. I was just talking about those that had a choice, and I didn't mean to offend any who were pressured by being born into it. I'm sorry if I offened anyone, because I know all about the pain.

    Warlock (the "sorry" one)

  • puck

    i did. but in a blurry sort of way. i was pretty sure that if those things were going to happen, they would be during my lifetime because when you're young, you don't quite *get* that there's life behind, beyond and before you. when you arrived was when time began, y'know? and then i just decided that, no, it wasn't going to happen. but every so often i get a bit of a jolt from world events, ie: desert storm, the current war, and 9/11.

  • Fleur
    I was told when i was 8/9 years old that armageddon would have been here by the time i was 16, i'm 19 now.

    Ditto, except I'm over 50 now

    Ditto for my family...only my grandparents are both gone and would be in their nineties now if they were alive...and ditto for my parents who are in mid-sixties and very disillusioned.

    I'm glad I got out during my 20's...


  • freetosee

    Yes, I thought it was coming soon, I couldn’t wait for all the wickedness to be removed and didn’t believe only JW will be saved. Actually I thought maybe only a third of JW would be saved and not many elders. Growing up as a JW elder’s child I knew many of the things going on in the congregation and also knew of the enmities and power fights among the elders. So I couldn’t believe “our loving heavenly Father Jehovah” would destroy all the non-JW for not listening to the brief door-to-door witness. We had a couple of older sisters who would tell not interested householders something like “You love Satan. You will die at Armageddon!” I hoped and prayed for all non-JW who received a bad witness to be saved at Armageddon.


  • minimus

    For those of us raised in the "truth", we could do very little to offset the WT. machinery. But even at 10, I knew it didn't make sense. I think to be a good JW, you must ignore all common sense. That's why they can suddenly stop talking to a parent, child or friend or allow a loved one to die for illogical (blood) reasons.

  • nsrn

    I never bought into it myself as a kid. (Born in). It just didn't seem real. I mean, how many times can the alarm go off until you no longer notice it? I think I'm immune to the armaggedon fear. But I feels so sad for my 'faithful' 86 year old parents when I hear them say, "I never thought I'd live to be this old and sick in this old system." Thank goodness they saved for retirement.

  • daystar
    "I never thought I'd live to be this old and sick in this old system."

    God, that just makes me so exceedingly sad... I don't want the Autumn years of my life to be lived in regret...

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    I did for a while. After the UN declared 1986 the "International Year of Peace and Security" and the great tribulation didn't follow immediately I began to have my doubts. Then when they began changing -ahem- adjusting other teachings I started wondering if it was all bulls**t. That plus the fact that genuine love was in extremely short supply. We were all just a bunch of automatons not forming real loving relationships with one-another because we were afraid to find out how spiritually inept we were in comparison to brother-and-sister-oh-so-spirtual .

    Now I don't believe in "the end of the world" at all anymore. I still do believe in God.

    sweet tee

  • plmkrzy
    I never did. When the Society came out in 1966 with the info that 6000 years of man's existence would come to an end by 1975, I thought it was a crock.

    I remember this as thought it were last week. I was still very young at the time and remember feeling terrified at the thought of seeing people standing next to me with their flesh falling off. The horrible visual impressons left by the WT art department were enough to damage any child. I didn't believe it would happen in 1975 , but for many years I did believe it would happen in my life time. Pretty sad to think back on it. I did begin to really doubt the wt because of this 1975 crap though.


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