Did You Believe "The End" Was Going To Come In Your Lifetime?

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  • Warlock


    You have more years left than I do, (even though I'm not really 76 yrs. old) so you have some time. Save and invest. Save and invest.

    Warlock (the "I don't have a retirement plan either" one)

  • daystar


    Save and invest. Save and invest.

    It took a while, but I did eventually wake up and realize the necessity for that.

  • NewYork44M

    I was 18 and graduated high school in 1975. It really upset me when I heard from the platform that by 1975 not only was the end coming but that everything would be wrapped up by then.

    Keep in mind that we were fed a steady diet of tribulation and persecution. Added to that was the idea that we were to possibly die due to the assult of persecution. One final element of the craziness of what we were taught was that if we died we be like angels in the resurrection. Thus, NOT able to marry or worse - have sex. I never understood if that ment that I would be resurrected without a penis...but we digress.

    So, here I was a teenager with normal hormones and I genuinely believed what I was taught. I had two goals before the great tribulation: to drive a car and to get married so I could have sex.

    WHAT A F#$%^&G WAY to GROW UP.

  • Warlock

    So the 1975 issue actually drove you to drive without a license and fornication?


  • NewYork44M
    So the 1975 issue actually drove you to drive without a license and fornication?

    If I had it to do over I would drive without a license while fornicating. Live and learn, I guess.

  • Poztate

    I did...I don't anymore.I still recall the freddy franz comment...we may not know the day or hour but we do know the year.

    I recall also the statement that we should not "toy" with the words when jesus said we don't know the day or hour.Freddy knew everything.

    He lived in his own little world and his own little mind and JW's today are still paying the price for his "visions"

    That's all I ever heard people say. No matter what year it was, it was going to happen within the next 10 years. "Can't see this system going past 2010". Yep, I heard that in 2000. In 2002 it was "Can't see this system going past 2012". Just keeps going on.

    Drew..Drew..Drew...Can't you see how "appropriate" it would be if the end came in 2014.That after all marks the 100 aniversary of Christ's THIRD return (1884) Just hang in there for a few more years and your salvation will be assured...

  • M.J.
    I honestly heard one old lady proclaim at the WT study that "the new world will last forever because we know the sun is going to last forever"!

    Hebrews 1:8

    But about the Son sun he says, "Your throne, O God, will last forever and ever, and righteousness will be the scepter of your kingdom.

  • candidlynuts

    i believed...

    i was told (along with 1000's others at conventions) that i'd never have to go to high school.. the END would definitely be here before i'd be an adult for SURE...and what an exciteing prospect.. i was one of the children who would get to tell ressurected children what it was like living thru the END!!

    i'd never die unless of some accident or unexpected illness..

    i would never have to deal with my parents growing old and dying

    now i'm a grandma.. my parents are very elderly.

    false prophecy? naaaaaaw just some speaker stating things that the watchtower bible and tract society didnt endorse.. ( an elder told me that once.. i told him bullshit and this was back when i still was active and had some belief left lol)

  • garybuss

    I was raised by believing Witness parents and I took my first door alone at age 7. I was told I didn't need to study in school because in the "New World" I'd be automatically smart. I was told by the Jehovah's Witness people as well as my relatives and parents that I'd never go to high school in this "Old System", I believed them.

    They told me I'd never graduate from high school, the end would surely be here before that, I believed them.

    They told me I'd never get married and have children in this "old system", I believed them.

    They told me Armageddon was coming in 1975, I believed them.

    I quit a pretty good job in 1974 so I could make all meetings and get in service in the "remaining months" before Armageddon.

    Then I happened to notice the Year-text for 1974. "If The Fig Tree Fails To Bloom . . . "

    I didn't believe them any more.

  • Witchettygrub

    I had a foot in both camps -part of me believed the big A would come - the other part said no as we don't know 'the hour or day' etc and the words of the ridiculers taunting that all things are continuing on as usual. Just prior to 1975, I went to see the movie Earthquake and after seeing it I was too scared to leave the house as I connected some of the scenes with Armageddon. Ha!

    The end will happen as I do still believe the Bible to be true. From what I've researched - but not from WT - I'd say in the next 30 yrs and I'll be seeing it through the windows of a nursing home by then.


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