First "summer" electric bill of the year.... HOLY CRAP!!!

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  • Elsewhere
    I cannot turn it off during the day as I have two kitties with long coats which would surely melt.

    I'm sure you know what you will need to do....

  • JH

    Now I know where the term "pussnboots" comes from.

    A pussy with boots, like on that picture.

  • OpenFireGlass

    can you imagine how high this guys utility bill is... each light is, 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium, or 1000 watt Metal Halide... plus all the water he uses...

  • free2beme

    We have had a mellow summer so far, so it has not been crazy high yet. It will happen more in July and August.

  • wednesday

    Just got my first ( partial summer) electric bill from txu, (would not matter who I chose here, as Elsewhere says, deregulation is a joke here) per them we have used, 1130 kw hours. per them we are paynig 15.31 per kWh our bill was $174. It has not been 101 all month. I can see I'm going to have to get really busy and buy more fans and whatever, if I'm going to have a bill under $300 for the summer-actually i'd wager it gets closer to $400 by august. this bill was from May 8- June 7. so most of May was not this hot. Not sure how long we have been at and around 100 but i'd say around 2 weeks. So double that billl next month.

    our house is a small approx 1200-1400 square feet older home but we've made some energy efficent improvements and use fans 24/7I also keep one bedroom shut off (the ac vent is shurt off and door stays closed during summer. ) I swear we keep the temp at at least 78 and during the day I jack it up past 80 until it is just too hot to stand.

    I have heard some compaines offer an off peak usage time, ie if i wash clothes or use dishwasher during the night it cost less. don't see any options for that here.

    The poster who brags they got a smaller bill b/c they know how to save electricity, ok, tell us what you do, and if you lived were elsewhere and some of us live, and paying what i'm paying per kWh, how would you save? I'm all ears.

    Real question, looking for real answers. BTW, the electric company will not come out and check your house, (or give you friendly tips over phone)that is not done by TXU. They will let you go online and take a little test to give you tips. They don't have to be nice, they know you are getting screwed, they just don't care. all the companies are screwing us here, they must be sitting around having a big laugh. I would be careful though, texans have been known to only take so much.

    Elsewhere, our son and wife got his first electirc bill and they too have an apt. 3 bedrom, bill was $220.

  • roybatty
    Do you leave your air conditioning on during the day? I turn mine off completely - it doesn't take that long to cool things down when I get home from work.

    Few years ago I installed a programable thermostat, literally took 10 minutes to install and another 5 to program. It cut my heating and airconditioning bill by 25 - 30%. You'd be amazed how much you can save because you never "forget" to turn down the heat or turn off the air when you're not home. Even better yet, is the house is at a perfect temp. when we get up in the morning or when when get home from work & school. Most units cost $25.00 - $40.00. One of the best investments you can make.

    Another thing to do that most people neglect is getting your AC unit serviced. Might cost you a hundred bucks every couple of years but you'll save money on your AC bill.

  • CountryGuy

    My electricity provider is the city. About three years ago, the city passed a special sales tax to off-set a portion of the city's resident's electricity bill. My May bill was $135, I'm sure it'll get up to $150 this summer.

    The city buys electricity from Entergy, Inc. wholesale. The local newspaper reported that Entergy is cancelling that deal as soon as the contract expires. The next lowest provider is a company out of Texas. The paper said that we could expect to see our rates rise 40 - 50%. Oh, happy day!

  • Elsewhere
    can you imagine how high this guys utility bill is... each light is, 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium, or 1000 watt Metal Halide... plus all the water he uses...

    That shouldn't be a problem if he has a good "harvest".

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