First "summer" electric bill of the year.... HOLY CRAP!!!

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  • LDH

    LOL ya bunch o' utility lightweights.

    Ours is about $660 every two months.

  • acadian

    About $50 bucks summer and $75-100 winter,next winter it should be about $50 bucks, I'mchangeing my heat source. I have PG&E and I live in the Redding area, Calif. I think our meter reading is blind, we use floresent lighting that helps a lot. Acadian

  • MinisterAmos

    I feel for you. I owned a 6K plus sq ft home in Houston before moving to FL.

    One night in July I was home and turned on the Weather Channel at 10PM or so.

    102 degrees. That was the summer I had to replace both central air conditioners because they would just shut off periodically. The Mfr claimed they "weren't designed for such heat"

    I was paying about $400 per month 4 years ago, but that was before the price of oil doubled. If you think you got it bad, I guarantee people up North are going to die this winter when they can't pay the heating oil bill.

  • TresHappy

    Have you asked them to reread your meter? My friend couldn't believe her bill so she asked them to reread it - turned out they overcharged her by $100.00

  • acadian

    I forgot to mention my propane bill, the winter before last it was about $150-$175 and this last winter it was $250 thats for 100 gallons. I usually get two fill-ups inthe winter and one in the summer,so add that to the other figures. so last winter it cost us for propane $500, I'm now looking at other alternatives Acadian

  • OpenFireGlass
    LOL ya bunch o' utility lightweights.

    Ours is about $660 every two months

    I'm gonna have to be with Lisa on this one...

  • Panda

    Else, I feel for you. The last few days we've been into the hundreds (imagine we're several hundred miles south of you and towards CC). A few years ago we were paying $600-$650 a month in the summer June July August AND September. Actually we have summer until the beginning of November --- last year we couldn't even wear fabulous Halloween costumes because it was so frickin hot. We decided to get our entire system updated, new everything don't even ask the price BUT now even in t the hottest part of the summer we pay $300 or LESS. Also since we live in the outback (funny but true) our service is a co-op which has no intention of joining the big boys, because every year we get $$$ for belonging to the co-op. We can even invest our profits into new areas of energy production. Wind farms and solar are the future for south south Texas.

    If I were you I'd put in a new filter, ask the management if your system has been charged this year. This is important because w/o freon it won't cool and yet still eat up the electric. The coils could easily freeze if the unit isn't meeting cooling requirements. If this happens you'll need to set your AC fan to ON so the the freeze on the coils can melt.

    In Texas it is illegal for management NOT to service your AC. Call your electric company and ask them for an evaluation. It's free and should be helpful for the management to see them going into your unit.

  • jeanniebeanz

    It is definitly a suprise to open ones first Texas sized electric bill.

    Ours is about $265.00 this month. Our a/c is set to 80 degrees. I cannot turn it off during the day as I have two kitties with long coats which would surely melt.


  • Satanus
    I have two kitties with long coats

    Take them off. Actually, some people have their cats shaved, leaving the tail tips and head. They look a bit like lions. Not sure how your cats would like it, but at least they wouldn't be in danger of melting.


  • JH

    It's only 14C or 56F and I'm still heating in the morning.

    I heat from mid September to mid June, and global warming is a joke here.

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