"Theocratic Warfare" - An Apostate Strategy?

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  • Fleshybirdfodder

    Song 174...

    Oh, as an aside it also mentions we can earn Jehovah's favour.

    Probably by "withholding information from those it is not entitled to". The phrase the Witnesses use for lying.


  • BizzyBee

    Just for the record:

    I was raised as a JW and I certainly remember theocratic warfare being advocated. It was actually kind of exciting - the intrigue! Like being a spy or a political prisoner! It certainly caputred the imagination of the young and impressionable (and bored).

    Side story: James Bond was making a huge splash (60's) and I remember one young brother named Lonnie K. on whom I had a crush. In a discussion of theocratic warfare, he said he wanted to be known as "Lon - James Lon." Hot stuff!

    Side, side story: My JW dad was f*****g livid about my crush because - (drumroll) Lonnie was Jewish!

    You can't make this stuff up! GAME, SET and MATCH.

  • sixsixsixtynine

    "Re-posting Identical Threads" - A Moronic Wankers' Strategy?

  • BizzyBee
    "Re-posting Identical Threads" - A Moronic Wankers' Strategy?

    sbf: So very BUSTED.

  • Finally-Free

    It seems as though SBF is as stupid today as he was a year ago, but that's not surprising. He's not here to learn anything, he's just here to troll. Acknowledging him is a waste of time.


  • Elsewhere

    In the Preparing for Child Custody Cases brochure JW parents and children are explicitly instructed to lie in court.

    Page 41:

    Possible Question: Can you tell us how this [The parent(s) becoming a JW] has affected you?
    Answer: (helped to understand other views ; be
    tolerant; appreciate divergence of opinions ;
    respect for other religions ; listen to other
    people's comments ; in general to be a more
    fulfilled and balanced person, etc .)

    Page 43

    This can be used to show that they are normal .
    Identify and interview young people from local
    congregations who have been raised as Jehovah's
    Witnesses and, in the eyes of the presiding overseer, are
    spiritually minded but also enjoy the normal healthy
    things that young people do . They don't have to be
    competitive to enjoy sports . Be careful that they don't
    get the impression that they are in a demonstration at
    the circuit assembly, when they would show that the
    first things in life are service and going to the Kingdom
    Hall . Show hobbies, crafts, social activity, sports, and
    especially plans for the future . Be careful they don't all
    say that they are going to be pioneers . Plans can be
    trade, getting married and having children, journalism,
    and all kinds of other things . Maybe you can show an
    interest in art and the theater . They must be clean,
    moral, honest, but with the interests that you would
    expect from other young people .

    Possible Question: Have you been exposed to different religious views since
    youth? How has this affected you?

    Answer: Learned to be tolerant and appreciate divergence
    of opinions ; while personally choosing teachings of
    Jehovah's Witnesses, have learned to respect
    others' right of choice .

    Page 44

    Possible Question: How Did you do in school? Did you have any problems?
    Did yon get along with other students? Did your
    association with Jehovah's Witnesses hinder your
    Not at all ; kept me out of trouble with the drug
    scene, immorality, illegitimate children, shoplifting,
    etc . Helped me take a mature view of the need for
    an education so I could do something useful and
    interesting with my life.

    Page 31

    Possible Question:What view does your church encourage children to
    take toward a parent who is not one of Jehovah's
    (Ephesians 6 :1 is to be applied to one who is not
    one of Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as to a
    parent who is disfellowshipped . See w10/15/81,
    p. 19 ; g10/22/75, p . 27, 28 ; g9/22/70, p . 27, 28 .)

    Page 32

    Possible Question: What view does church take toward people of other
    (Jesus taught love neighbor as self, includes all ;
    we respect others' right to worship as they

    Page 33

    Possible Question: Are there substantial differences between basic
    principles of morality as taught by Jehovah's
    Witnesses and the Catholic (or whichever) Church?

    Answer: (Principles of Ten Commandments are common
    to both groups .)

    And there are many many more examples... just read the brochure yourself!

  • Narkissos

    Although the theoretical exposition of the concept of "theocratic strategy" dates from the 50's (especially 1957), I think it is still very much present in the minds and practices of the WT officials. One fairly recent example, if I remember correctly, is the Bulgarian case about blood, where the WT negotiated its legal recognition in Bulgaria against the official statement that no disciplinarian sanction would be taken against a JW accepting blood -- which some interpreted too quickly as a change of policy, and the WT then "corrected" in letters to the elders, indicating that it was 'only theocratic strategy'. Other posters will easily find the adequate documents, but if I'm correct this is, imo, a case of "theocratic strategy" aka outright lie (both to the Bulgarian government and the European court). Edit: http://www.ajwrb.org/basics/abandon.shtml

  • Mary
    SBF said: I am not an active JW. I don't believe in JWism. I am agnotic in matters of faith. I just believe that apostates should fairer, more honest and even handed in their criticisms of Jehovah's WItnesses.

    You're so full of shit, your eyes must be brown.......of course you're an active Dub, because no one else outside the Organization would give a damn (or even know about) the term "theocratic warfare", let alone try to defend it........

    What an idiot.........

  • Narkissos

    I for one have enjoyed many of sbf's posts: from what I gathered, in spite of his recurrent "provocations to apostates" I think he does not systematically defend the WT and has done a lot of personal research. On the present topic I disagree with him but this is not always the case.

  • cathyk

    On three separate occasions within the past ten years I have had Witnesses tell me that they would do research on a point I brought up and come back to discuss it. They never did. Does that count?

    One occurrence -- they might have forgotten. We all get busy and forget things. But three times?


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