My 19 year old "DF'd" niece tried to "kill" herself over a "married man"

by booker-t 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Virgochik

    You must take her in right away and give her a safe, warm comfortable place to heal herself with dignity. If you don't rescue her, she will surely kill herself. Years from now, you'll all be so glad you saved her life. How would you feel if you don't help her, just to keep your brother happy, and she doesn't make it? You sound very caring and she needs that so bad right now, just a place to get back on her feet till she gets her wings again.

  • Pistoff

    Wow; this reinforces my belief that many witnesses would rather risk suicide by a loved one than break the society's rules about associating with a DF'd person.

    How can any parent make this choice??? Children are the biggest gift and responsibility we have; how can someone not follow their own heart?


  • Thegoodgirl

    without reading any other replys, my first instinct answer is let her move in with you if she wants. She is being abandoned by her father, and he is telling others to abandon her too. That's really disgusting and cruel. Don't let their messed up logic get in the way of an obvious anwer. If you love her like a daughter, then find out what she needs right now, and if it's a home, I'd let her move in.

    Also help her out with some therapy. My friend did try to kill herself in February over a breakup, and her parents, though not JWs, treated her as if they were JWs. She is also still Obsessed with they guy, but thank goodness, she found some free therapy and psychiatric care (including meds.) YOur niece needs to get back on her feet, and only sane people, like yourself, can help her do that.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Booker-T, as mkr32208 stated:

    1st go to your brothers house and beat him to the point he can't stand up

    2nd let his daughter move in with you

    3rd if he attempts to contact you OR her repeat step 1... several times...

    I concur 100%. The above or you'll just have to "let the chips fall where they may." It's more of the same sick JW shit.


  • candidlynuts

    poor girl.. she needs you and if you can provide help please do so.

    one thing i'd add to the other comments is to tell her (and realize yourself) that the "brothers" only have as much power over you as you ALLOW them to have. tell her to take away that power by taking care of herself and accepting help where its offered. she is not the first young woman to fall for the lies of a married man. its a horrible thing to have happened but she can recover and grow from the experience. pulling herself together is going to take time. if she puts her dads disapproval aside for now and concentrate on healing herself she will recover much faster. because really, her dad sounds like he's going to be unhappy with any choices she makes for now. she's not a HUGE SINNER, she's human and made a mistake. she's deserving of love and compassion right now .. not condemnation.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I helped all three of my nephews. Each of them lived with me at one time or another. I was still a jdub though. And sadly, two of them are jdubs now. On the occasion they do speak with me, which is rarely, they tell me how much my kindness still means to them. You can make a huge difference in your niece's life.

    Your brother is an adult and if he wants to waste it being a dub, so be it. You are no longer ruled by the gov bod and your niece is of age. Help her by all means. She'll always be grateful to you for your loving kindness and concern.

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