I disassociated myself today....June 8, 2006

by arwen 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • arwen

    Thanks for all your kind words.. I really need them. It was a very hard thing to do....the final cut so to speak...I just kept delaying it but I was helped by my best friend Gladdy/Meljon who is and never was a JW and it was kind of like getting out of an abusive relationship. These are the feelings I am having now...I am relieved as I won't have to worry about elders visiting me and friends trying to talk me into meetings, etc. I am empowered as I know the truth about the "truth". It is truly a cult and if any of you are lurking and frightened to post like I was a year ago then let me be an example to you. You can break free. I am still a good person, I still love God and his Son, I still pray. I am still loved by my family and friends.

  • yesidid

    Dear Arwen,

    I hope it all works out exactly as you would wish. Great idea to send the UN info to others at the same time.

    Just interested, how many in your family are Witnesses and will they shun you?


  • Es


    Enjoy your freedom and new life


  • damselfly

    I've posted on your other thread as well so this is just an additional support for you! ;-)


  • outnfree

    Congratulations! It's been a little over 5 years since I did the same, and I've never regretted it. I'm glad you've got your friend Gladdy for moral support, too.

  • magoo

    .,......you rock arwen!

    isn't funny.....................it seems a whole lot easier to be convenced over the years to be a "good jw",..............but convincing yourself AFTER those years is always the hardest!


  • Lo-ru-hamah

    Congratulations, Arwen. You are a very brave person.

    I wish you much joy and happiness as you blossom and expand your new horizons.


  • Gregor

    Clink! A toast Arwin.

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    Congratulations on claiming your own identity Arwen!

    I can't even imagine the courage it must have taken.


  • meljon

    You've got mail ! There is a new mail service in our town, it is similar to a "Thelma and Louise type event". Arwen finally put the finishing touches on her disassociation letters and I instructed her to "get in the car". Off we went in MY car (her car would be recognized ) with her driving and me with one foot hanging out of the car ready to run to the next house and deliver the LETTER to the next mailbox. This was all the while hoping no one would see me dropping something in their mailbox and opening the door, but I would have said " I was just in the neighborhood and would like to share this contents of this envelope with you!" She parked a couple of houses away from impending recipient of the envelope and I scooted across lawns and ducked behind trees to make my delivery. One was delivered at a very busy place of business, I sauntered in and stuck the envelope by the cash register and sauntered out. The kingdom hall was the recipient of two envelopes and although there were cars in the parking lot, I managed to drop the letters into the mailbox. .We were so busy looking for addresses that we went 2 blocks on a one way street (the wrong way). We were on the verge of hysteria (you would have to understand our sense of humor when under stress) when this was brought to our attention. At one point I said to Arwen, pretending to interview her, "Soooooooo, would you like to share your emotions at this time? How do you feel now?" she responded with a southern drawl " I feel the scales have been lifted from my eyes!!" In all seriousness, I am very glad that the task is finished. Now she can relax and not be concerned if she meets up with the jws as she knows they wont be approaching her or visiting her. They had a jw couple visit the house last week, although she avoided them, it really shook her up,,,,,,, so I said " LETS GIT ER DONE! (disassociation letter). -- If it wasnt for the support on this board, I don't know how her freedom would be accomplished.- gladdy(meljon)

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