Embarassing moment involving a bra and an interview

by kristyann 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • jaredg

    i'm having a hard time imagining this scenario so pictures of you from this morning in bright light would be greatly appreciated ;-)

  • rekless

    My wife and I was working field service with a good looking pioneer sister one Saturday. She and my wife were walking ahead of me and all of sudden her panties hit the side walk. I don't know how she stepped out of them without stumbling, but she didn't miss a step and continued as if nothing happened.

    This brings a question to mind; why are panties and drawers referrred to in the plural. Shouldn't it be panty and drawer.

  • SixofNine

    Your pictures aren't loading. They can't be on your hard drive for us to see them, they have to be on the web, or uploaded to Simon's site.


  • luna2

    Reckless, how does someone lose their panties and not notice? LMAO!!! Did you pick them up and hand them back to her? Hehehehehe

    jaredg and SoN ~ tsk, tsk, tsk! LOL

  • rekless


    I have always wondered that myself. I'm sure she knew but pretented nothing happened.It was the smoothest move I've ever seen. All I can say she was a petite sister and those panties were large.

    That is my only explaination.

  • luna2

    I hope to goodness they weren't hand-me-down undies. Poor sis deserved to have some that fit. LOL

  • Mary
    Anyone want to make me feel better or tell me it's not so bad?

    It's not so bad hon.......one time when Dr. Jekyll went for a job interview, he fergot to wear his bra too........his trial is still pending.

    I highly doubt I even have a shot at the job now.

    Was the interviewer a guy? If so, I'd say you got a real good shot at the job.

  • Blueblades

    During the interview, I wonder if they were even listening to your responses to their questions or were distracted by your bra?


  • brutusmaximus

    I would give you the job no problem, I love that

    All the best in your new career


  • RubaDub

    As long as it wasn't one of the open cup bras or one with the nipple area cut out and embroidered with hearts, I think you are fine.

    Rub a Dub

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