Embarassing moment involving a bra and an interview

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  • kristyann

    So I went to this job interview this morning (my semester is finished, and I am looking for something for the summer, and my jury duty just ended, which hopefully I'll get a chance to tell you about some other time). So I applied at this doctor's office to just do office work and filing and stuff like that. The place is really great and laid back and it seems like a really fun place to work!

    I'm getting dressed for the interview this morning, and I am really into fashion and normally, my outfits look perfect (or as close as one can get without being Ana Sui or Marc Jacobs themselves). But I was running late, and I really wanted to get there early to make a good impression. I wore this really beautiful turquoise and silver skirt, and I wore a white lacy button-up sleeveless blouse with it. (the outfit is totally appropriate for that office, all the people who work there dress really young and fashionable, it's not stuffy at all). However, the blouse is kind of see-through, so I normally always wear a white camisole underneath it so that you can't really see my bra or anything.

    APPARENTLY I forgot to put the camisole on before I put the blouse on. I looked at myself before I left the house, and I didn't notice anything looking out of the ordinary, but I was in a hurry and was concentrating more on my hair and getting it to look really good, and I think the light I was in wasn't the best this morning cause it was a little overcast out. So I go to the interview and everything seemed okay, but then later on when I look in a mirror AFTER the interview, my bra is like blatantly showing through my blouse! It was REALLY obvious. The bra was white, too, so at least I didn't do anything stupid like wear a pink or black one or something. But STILL... I normally look so put-together, and that must have just looked so stupid! A bright white bra just screaming for everyone to notice it. The people who interviewed me must have thought "Why is she wearing a see-through shirt?"

    UGH! I am so embarassed, and I needed to tell someone, and everyone I know is still at work or not really around until later. Anyone want to make me feel better or tell me it's not so bad? I highly doubt I even have a shot at the job now. That's too bad, too, cause it seemed like a great place to work.

  • Honesty

    Anyone want to make me feel better or tell me it's not so bad?

    Wellll.... at least you had the bra on.

  • luna2

    Aw, it was an innocent mistake, hon. Who was the interviewer? If it was a guy, there probably won't be a problem.

  • kristyann

    Good point... I didn't even think of that!

  • kristyann


    One interviewer was a man (the doctor), the other was a woman (the office manager).

  • Life Is Grand
    Life Is Grand

    These days with the clothes(or lack thereof) that people wear-I would think the fact that you were wearing a bra was a good thing all on its own. Where I work, they have pretty strict dress codes, but I see alot of women wearing blouses where you can see the bra though the top-apparently not a huge deal because they've never been sent home to change.

    I don't think it will influence whether or not you get the job-sometime we tend to be too tough on ourselves about things that others hardly even notice.

    Don't worry!!!!


  • fullofdoubtnow

    You could be worrying unnescessarily. You didn't know about it until after the interview, so that didn't affect your performance, and if the interview went well you could still get the job.

    Good luck!!


  • misanthropic

    Yeah you shouldn't worry too much about it. I'm sure it's happened to alot of women at one time or another. I know I wore a black mesh top to a work Christmas dinner, and apparently when pictures are taken with a flash it makes that kind of fabric completely see through. I didn't notice this until I was looking at everyones developed pictures a few weeks later. That was an ambarrassing one.

  • lonelysheep
    One interviewer was a man (the doctor),

    Good. He may not mind!

    the other was a woman (the office manager).

    She may not mind, either! If anything, she might just think it was your nerves.

    I feel for you, though! I think I'd be freaking out, too.

  • smellsgood

    so if you get the job then, just be confident you were the breast...er..er..er..best most erm..perky candidate.

    All about the brains dont worry;)

    thats ok i think most girls have bra troubles now and then...one of mine (not like i was on an interview or anything)...running and flashing, instead of staying stationery then flashing.

    my bra basically fell down.

    to make it worse, and i know this sounds kind of ym 'trauma' story, a guy i referred to as my stalker was across the street and witnessed this as he came striding across the street to say 'hi'...

    don't worry, sounds like you dress and underdress well, and i'm sure they'll look past that and find you well qualified

    *do not work with perfume!

    this name just MAY be ironic. or perhaps just random. or perhaps cookies were baking at the time i was signing up...join us next time on screen name mysteries...

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