Nuclear attack in New York on June 9 or 10?

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  • aniron

    RR says:

    Yes Lisa, what Nathan said. Bible Students believe that they will rule with Jesus in the Kingdom. So, in order for the Kingdom reign to begin, all those who profess to be of this ruling class, which is the Body of Christ, the Church, the 144,000 (pick one) will have to die, so they can receive their heavenly reward.

    How do you know who profess to be of this "ruling class" ? Who will make up this 144,000? Will they be "white middle class" from the Western world? As so often is with groups who claim that a "ruling class" must be chosen before "the end" they all seem to be made up of white middle class types.

    How long does it take God to chose 144,000 over 2,000 years and now from 6 billion people?

    On the other hand, the rest of mankind, EVERYONE who has ever lives, will be taught in the Kingdom, and in the end, they will have to decide whether or not to serve the Lord.

    If "EVERYONE" who ever lived is to be taught in the Kingdom. Why does Christ according to scripture need to return and to separate the sheep from the goats (Matt 25)

    Are not people NOW deciding whether to serve the Lord or not? Is that not the point of the Gospel being preached?

  • Kenneson

    It was an invisible destruction. Only those with eyes of faith saw it.

  • KW13

    "another one bites the dust"

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think it is obvious that the destruction of the United Nations took place invisibly.

    Boy, that gag never wears out, does it?

  • Saoirse

    Apparently, New York is not out of the woods yet. Update from the truebiblecode website:

    We had deduced from the true bible code (not the Da Vinci Code of Dan Brown, and not the Hebrew Letter Skip code of Michael Drosnin, but the symbolic code of Jesus' parables and Daniel's visions and Joseph's dream interpretations etc.) that the United Nations complex in Manhattan will be destroyed by a terrorist nuclear bomb on the following 3 incorrect dates...

    2006Iyyar21 (May 19/20)
    2006Iyyar28 (May 26/27)
    2006Sivan11/12 (June 8/9/10)We did everything we could to warn people in NYC about the 2006Sivan12 date, really thinking that we had it right. But of course we did not. We must apologise for getting it wrong, but we cannot apologise not for trying to get it right. we had to issue the warning. We see a very real scriptural threat and that has not gone away, it just has not come to pass yet. We have to improve our symbolic interpretations and try again with the benefit of hindsight. Anyone who heeded our warning did not make a mistake. In our understanding this is going to happen. Think of it as merely a practice run. We are trying to get the date, the place and the method from the scriptures. That is not easy.

    The revised possible dates for the nuclear strike on the UN are now the next 5 sabbath days. These are...

    2006Sivan19 (weekly)
    2006Sivan26 (weekly)
    2006Tammuz1 (monthly)
    2006Tammuz2 (monthly)
    2006Tammuz3 (monthly)

    The last of these, 2006Tammuz3, (Sundown Friday June 30 to Sundown Saturday July 1) is by far the probable in our understanding.

  • Robdar

    The Lord's Witnesses are so full of shyte. You can't reason with these people. I know because I've tried. I've been in correspondence with one of them. Anything logical that you may try to point out to them just flies over their heads. The guy I've been swapping email with just ignores my points and tries to scare me into believing their prophecy. He does this very kindly, of course.

    I think I'll write him an email telling him nannanannabooboo.

  • LDH
    Boy, that gag never wears out, does it?


  • AuldSoul

    Darn you, Saoirse! I was all calmed down again and now this! Ugh.

    Now my stomach will be in knots until after July 1st. Oh, wait. It's just gas.

    . . .

    . . .

    . . .

    It was silent, but I feel much better now. You know, if I'd lived in New York and an ignition source was nearby...

  • Anitar

    What would you expect from a guy who says it's ok to cheat on your wife as long as you use a condom? That's the lamest excuse since I was in grade school and you could have as many girlfriends as you want as long as they're in different zip codes. Notice how every cult like this is always run by males? The men always get to abuse the women while the women have no rights. As for the polygamists, you always see a man with multiple wives, never a woman with multiple husbands.

    Looks like we have another Charles Taze Russel on our hands.

    By the way, I think it's cute to post a "prophecy" after it has already failed...

  • Soledad
    Re: Nuclear attack in New York on June 9 or 10?

    Oh is the 11th......did I miss it?? Will the local news show a recap??

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