Special Campaign announced for September: Creation vs. Evolution

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    ...to be followed, no doubt, by

    "The World is FLAT"

    campaign in October and

    "The value of Pi is 3.000"

    in November, and "The Moon is NOT Cheese - It Is Onion Dip" in December.

  • seattleniceguy


    That gives me an even better idea. One of us should obtain copies of all the sources they cite and create an email that has scans of them all. Then we could get a chain mail started. Something like this would ensure mass distribution:


    To: Everyone in the universe
    Subject: Help with placing the new Creation brochure

    Hello everyone!!!

    I just got back from my special one-day assembly, and I must say I think it was the best one ever! While I was there I was talking to a brother who just got back from Bethel, and we started talking about the special Awake for this month's campaign and how faith strengthening it is. But the amazing part is he went to the library and made copies from all the sources the article cites! That way you can carry it in your bookbag out in service in case you have any of those "educated" calls who want to argue. Imagine how surprised they'll be when you actually have the sources with you!!

    I have a couple really "sciency" calls. I can't wait to see the expression on their faces when I give them the mag AND the references!

    Feel free to pass this mail on to other brothers and sisters!

    Yours in the Truth,



    Of course, the the WT can never manage to quote sources honestly, anyone who actually reads the primary sources would be in for a bit of cognitive dissonance. This would actually be pretty fun.


  • Arthur

    I believe that the whole creation vs. evolution debate has turned into a racorous "jaw-flapping contest". I think that many people on both sides of the arguement are wrong. Many people on both sides have bought into the "either-or" trap. Many creationists believe that to acknowledge evolutionary evidence is to reject God as the universal designer and creator. Many evolutionists believe that to acknowledge the evidence of intelligent design is to reject the evidence of evolution. Many on both sides have fallen into the trap of thinking that you must only believe in "hypothesis A", or hypothesis B". How do they know that there isn't a hypothesis C? I find it very interesting that many theologians and even scientists are beginning to point out the real possibilities of God merely using evolution as a tool in the creation of life. Even Pope John Paul II admitted this possibility shortly before he died. Predictably, many on both sides of the debate attacked him for saying this.

    I was totally shocked when I actually began to do my own research into evoltionary biology and to research the fossil record that scientists have assembled. Before doing this research, I never even knew about all of the fossils of Homo Erectus (aprox. 1-2 million years old) that have been discovered over the years. I was shocked at all of the "transitional species" that have been discovered just in the last 20 years. Like many, I just bought into the rhetoric and the myths that have been put out there by Fundamentalists that no transitional fossils have ever been found. This is absolutely false. Just recently, the June 2006 issue of Scientific American reported on the newly discovered fossils of Tiktaalik (about 375 million years old) that is a missing link between water and land animals. I was floored when I saw pictures of the fossils. If you want to read about this go to:

    http://sciam.com and search under "Tiktaalik"

    What many scientists are now admitting is that if you look at the first creation account in the book of Genesis, the order in which different aspects are created (i.e. land mass, vegetation, ocean life, land animals, then man) are in agreement with the evolutionary record.

    Yes, there still are many unanswered questions. But this does not erase the overwhelming evidence that evolution of life has taken place on earth. How does acknowleging this evidence all of the sudden erase God from the equation? It doesn't But, again; people on both sides of the debate have fallen into the "either-or" fallacy. According to all of the evidence that science has presented and continues to present; it looks as though maybe evolutionists and creationists are actually both right.

  • lovelylil

    They are stressing at the convention that the end could be any day now - but yet they are choosing to do a special campaign on some old book they have in stock at the hall about evolution?

    Am I missing something here? Where is the urgent warning to get out of Babylon the Great as it will collapse any day now?

    Hello - you JW lurkers, does this make any sense to you at all?

  • Kudra

    holy crap SNG, that email sounded so ...authentic.
    I am all for that idea! If I can help- I have free access to any journal they might (wishful thinking maybe) quote. I can compile some pdf files... Actually I was planning on doing that for my own benefit as I have some science-minded still-JW friends who like to talk evolution, science, Velikovski (they actually believed him... and still need to be fully disabused of that idea!) and I would like to know what they are being taught...

    How could I get a copy of that mag without alerting the JWs to the fact that I exist? When does it come out? Do I have to stalk the laundromats?

  • daniel-p

    "How could I get a copy of that mag without alerting the JWs to the fact that I exist? When does it come out? Do I have to stalk the laundromats?"

    I'm sure someone around here would be willing to send you a copy. ;)

  • daniel-p

    double post

  • AudeSapere

    SNG -

    Yeah. I like it. It needs to sound very upbeat and to-the-point. Not preachy at all and certainly mustn't go off an tangent.

    Kudra -

    One way to get a copy is to post a thread asking someone to scan a few pages. I don't know when that issue would be released, though. Is it usually 6 weeks before the mag date??

    I think this would be a good one.

    Now we just need someone with an anonomous (and innocous sounding) address willing to compile the mailing list. Seems that I've seen a few people here send email blitzes for other aposta-campaigns.

    Any volunteers??


  • AudeSapere
    I'm sure someone around here would be willing to send you a copy. ;)

    hehe umm yeah. There are a few active witnesses here and one of them would probably be happy to count the placement...!

  • Kudra

    so... Daniel-p, care to up your placements for the month by one...?
    lemme know if you need my addy

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