To my Fellow Baseball fans..........(alert Chicago Cub fan)

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  • people pleaser
    people pleaser

    I love those Oakland A's. Even thought we aren't doing that well this year.

    Football: Peyton Manning and those Indy Colts!!!!!


  • Smoky

    Cubs Suck!!!!!

    You need to turn to the Dark Side....yeah. Go SOX

  • hillbilly

    This year "is" next year....

    ~Hill (still pissed about the '69 Mets class)

  • ellderwho

    LMAO @ Hillbilly, Im a Phillies phan, will see you next week as of today we're 2.5 games behind. Ellder, who's still pist @ the ' 93 World series with Mitch Williams giving up a homer (doh) to Joe Carter Game 7.

  • luna2
    They broke my heart in 1984 though

    Aaah, 1984. I remember it well. Had just returned from Alaska and thought the Cubbys were going to actually win. Oh, the disappointment!

    I don't watch sports much any more, but if I do, its the Chicago teams I root for. I grew up with the Cubs, the Bulls, the Bears and the Blackhawks. We had one television set and my father had complete control. LOL

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    The Jays all the way!!! We're about due for another back to back World Series win!

  • silentWatcher

    Brooke, I believe it's against Wisconsin state law for natives to NOT root for the Packers. I root for the Buffalo Bills. Grew up in Upstate NY, and I had a cousin who was a cheerleader for them awhile back. No, she was not a Witness. -silent

  • ellderwho
    The Jays all the way!!! We're about due for another back to back World Series win!

    Boo---hiss.....! Damn Canadians!

  • Broken Hearted
    Broken Hearted

    Tampa bay area Florida girl ( by transplant from ohio ( lived till 5) and Michigan (born there) ) here being a very die hard Tampa Bay fan all the way.

  • Pubsinger

    Baseball love it to bits

    A "world" series with teams from one country and a bloke approaching the home run record who's on steroids.

    Great sport.

    (Pubsinger of the only in America class)

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