To my Fellow Baseball fans..........(alert Chicago Cub fan)

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    Being from the Big Sh*tty, I am so sick of Cubs crap. What I find interesting is normally the Trib has NOTHING but a blurb about the Sox and they have front to back pages about the Cubs regardless of how poorly they are doing. However, when the Sox were winning the World Series the Tri had the balls to put out a collectors book about the Sox and the World Series. I also love how the Tribune corp runs the tickets and holds back tix to give to scalpers. How sweet for all the Cub "fans" that big business is getting rich off of the average joe. The Cubs can lose for the rest of their lives and no one really cares because Wrigleyfield fills for every game, so what incentive is there to put together a winning team.

    Why they keep Wood as if he is going to come in and save them is a pipe dream. When was the last time he actually started at the beginning of the season? He needs to be cut. As for Prior, I like the guy, when he is not hurt, he can play and play well. But the Cubs need to clean house and start over. Starting with Dusty. He has made some dumb moves. And they need to cut players who are constantly on the DL.

    The Shytown teams have been limping thru their seasons a lot lately. Though the Bulls held their own for longer then I thought. But I am glad that they appear to be working their way up rather then down. But they will never be the Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, John Paxson team from the 80's. I miss those days. Now, I just have to keep up with college ball and hope we get another MJ and soon.

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    Hey! Stop ignoring my inflammatory remarks you yankee rounders players you.

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