What picture haunts you?

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  • Mary
    Gumbers said: Oh...so how old were you who weren't effected a tad by these pics? Did you all even study it...or browse through the pics once in awhile?

    I was no more than 4 or 5 years old when dad would sit us down on the couch and study the Paradise Lost book with us. The first picture that scared the hell out of me was the one of the foot stomping on the snake's head (in fulfillment of Genesis 3:15). When we read "..I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed" I thought "..that's why we don't like snakes!" and to this day, I am terrified of snakes and see Satan in their eyes whenever I have the misfortune of coming across one.

    I felt sorry for all those people that died at Noah's Flood, clinging to the Ark trying to get in......and I remember the picture of Pharoah's army getting drowned....someone had a crown on their head looking terrified. Then that picture of the baby being sacrificed to the idol----that just creeped me right out. And of course, all the lovely pictures of people dying at Armgeddon by falling through the cracks in the big cities. Couldn't figure out why the dogs and cats needed to die too. Maybe cause they weren't baptized.........Yes I somehow don't recall "Christendom's" children's books being anything like this.......think I'll start a thread comparing the two.

    Now...don't noone steal my thread idea cuz I might do one with side by side comparisons of each story... dubs vs. christendom.....and not too much cherry-pickin of dub stuff neither

    Mary **who would never steal from the Gumbthreader"

  • unique1
  • Nosferatu

    It was the pic of Jesus on the Torture Stake in "My Book Of Bible Stories". Even though I hate the WTS, I have to give their artists credit. I mean, I could REALLY see the pain that Jesus was in, and those giant spikes going through his hand with the blood dripping was really hard for me to swallow as a child.

    ....and I wasn't allowed to watch Ninja Turtles because it was too violent.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I was not brought up as a jw, so none of the pictures in the publications scared me.

    There is one picture that haunts me though, I had someone take a photograph of me getting dipped. I threw it out a few months ago, I don't want any reminders of that day.

  • LyinEyes

    OMG Gumby, that picture got to me ....still. I knew the pictures that would get to me were from that evil orange book, an evil book the color of a orange creame smoothie.

    I remember seeing people fall in the cracks , it looked painful, I always wondered where in the world we , ya know the good JW's, would be hiding while the earth was spliting in two. These images gave me nightmares about the big A for years.

  • prophecor

    That one where folks is jumpin' out their graves.

    The Paradise Lost Book. Always scared the sheite out of me!!!

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