What picture haunts you?

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  • Leolaia

    What in tarnations is a Revelation calendar???

  • Warlock

    It's my second mistake of the day!!!!!!


  • disneycuty

    (FROM APOSTATE KATE) I have the one at Seans Research. I am looking for the one with a bull sitting on a thrown with glowing eyes. I have a friend who is working through some old fears and that picture is one of them.

    Thanks Hello All!!!!! Thank you Kate for asking this question in the forum. I am the friend that she is referring to. :) Leolaia that picture was the one I was talking about. As I looked at it, it brought back the old feelings again. I did notice that in the center of the bull's forehead that there is a third eye. Looks like a satanic eye. Alot of the pictures have satanic symbolism in them. Have you all noticed that too?

  • BluesBrother

    Like Elswhere, I think that I was desensitized to it all by constant repetition. As a kid it just seemed normal , as everybody believed in a looming destruction (for everyone else that is)

    Only since coming to my senses have I looked again and seen them as scary, crude and twisted. In more recent times this one from the Isaiah book haunted me - it seems an abuse of the animal kingdom - it seems a frightening threatening picture. It says "If you don't listen to me My God will unleash these animals on you!".. After all , WE are "the feast" Are we supposed to be drawn to such a God?


  • under_believer
    The Paradise Lost book piccies of Armageddon and the picture of Jonah in My Book of Bible Stories (I have a whale phobia).

    Then that picture shouldn't have scared you--remember the Society teaches it was a fish. Remember all those gymnastics they'd go through to "prove" it?

  • under_believer

    I don't remember being afraid of any pictures, but my daughter was terrified of the picture of Jezebel about to be thrown out the window in "My Book of Bible Stories."

  • xjwms

    I agree with many here about the orange book

    The IMAGE picture that haunts me is.................The elders taking someone to the back room.

    I hate that.

  • Leolaia

    Well, the one in the Bible Stories book made it look like a whale....the one in Life Forever was made to look like a shark.

  • Mary

    That one of the foot stomping on the snakes head (in fulfillment of Genesis 3:15) in the old Paradise Lost book.....there was another creepy one in there......a picture of someone offering up a baby as a sacrifice to that idol with the calf's head......

    Ckeeerist........The Brothers Grimm had nothing on the WTS when it came to scaring the shit out of kids with bedtime stories eh?

  • gumby

    What I'm wondering is how many of you were at the age in which the "paradise book" was studied. I remember it in grade school..possibly kindergarten...can't remember.

    But, when your that young, it might make a difference than an older kid studying it as to how much the pics effected you.

    This morning I did a quick search on childrens bible stories (from christendom) and was going to start a thread on the difference of their pics for kids and the dubs. I found NONE as vicious as the dub pics. I had to look hard to find any that would scare a kid and found only one that was even questionable at least in my opinion .

    Now...don't noone steal my thread idea cuz I might do one with side by side comparisons of each story... dubs vs. christendom.....and not too much cherry-pickin of dub stuff neither

    Oh...so how old were you who weren't effected a tad by these pics? Did you all even study it...or browse through the pics once in awhile?


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