Reasons for not becoming APOSTATE

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  • kid-A

    More "cyber-diarrhea" from SBF. I guess he hasnt been getting enough attention recently on the boards so he returns to his "troll" persona.

    I'm starting to understand why he uses a fecal stain for his avatar!!!! LOL

  • dozy

    Hey - don't slag off Slim! He's a good guy!

    I presume he is talking about the overwhelming perception of "apostates" among JWs. Whenever I speak to any JW about those who left the truth over "issues" (rather than DFd for various "sins") , they ALWAYS describe them some or all of the following phrases - delete as applicable - "He was always a bit full of himself" , "I never really liked her - if she was chocolate , she would have eaten herself" and "He was always a bit of a nutter." There is invariably reference to existence of facial hair (in both male and female cases) as evidence that the person "always had a bit of an attitude" or "had a chip on his shoulder".

    I've also lost count over the number of times someone has described apostates as "those who stand outside the assemblies with placards" - so I suspect that this activity is probably as off putting and self-defeating in its own way as the JW preaching activity.

    I'll be honest - I had the same views about ex-witnesses myself , until I started to do a bit of research and realised that you were actually fairly normal human beings - well , in some cases , anyway. And some are actually clean shaven!

  • lovelylil

    If the JWs were part of the first religious organization on earth that would make them Catholic! No wonder they have so much in common with them. See the thread called "camparison of Catholics/JWs".

  • Finally-Free
    And some are actually clean shaven!

    Yeah, that's me. I grew a goatee last year only to discover that the fine dark beard of my pre-JW days is gone, and only a grey one remains. And I had dreams of saving a ton of money on razor blades and shaving cream.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    All apostates can do is tear down the truth and offer nothing substantial in its place.

    What truth? You surely can't mean the bullshit that is spewed from the platform and in the publications? If that was the truth, I might still be a jw. That crap begs to be torn down, in my opinion.

  • whyamihere

    1. Apostates are divided among themselves and have nothing better to offer.

    Better to offer???? My freedom, I think that was a good thing.

    2. Most left because they can't reach the high moral standards of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Yeah my uncle who rapped my 2 cousins was such high moral standards. By the way he is out in service as we speak.

    3. All apostates can do is tear down the truth and offer nothing substantial in its place.

    Tear it down? You mean open our eyes to the truth. Such as the UN scandal which my loving Uncle Ciro participated in.

    4. Jehovah has always worked through an organisation.

    An organisation of liars, molesters etc.....

    5. Some end up with silly signs outside the Convention.

    I don't. However, witness have silly mags that they bring to our door filled with deciteful crap.

    6. You get the feeling that some are using the child abuse issue to push a general agenda against the truth rather than simply for the sake of the children.

    What a stupid statement!

    7. Apostates accept secular chronology over that calculated from the Bible by celebrated Watchtower scholars.

    We know our Math!

    8. I think Michael Jackson is an apostate.

    Was he baptized? Also, someone who states he is a JW usually isn't an Apostate

    9. Jehovah's Witnesses are such nice people they can only have my best interests at heart.

    Yes, rapping a 3 year old(my cousin) was in her best interest.

    10. Apostates have no hope for the future.

    My Freedom my children's freedom!

    11. Some start out apostasy believing the Bible, but most lose faith in God.

    I have faith in God, that's why I found this site.

    Anything else you would like to add?????


  • Warlock


    At least you can post your "grievences" here, and not get df'ed. If you took the responses to your points to the elders, you would get df'ed.


  • slimboyfat

    Kid-A - where did you get that picture of me?

    I am of course listing some of the reasons Witnesses often have for not becoming apostate. I am not endorsing them.

    It is good to understand why many Witnesses who do have doubts never become apostate. Some of the reasons do have merit, such as the fact that apostates cannot agree on the colour of green grass. That is a major turn-off for people who are happy to live in a situation where the society dictate the "truth" to them on even minor aspects of everyday life for the sake of "unity".

    I guess I was a bit disappointed that there was no response to my Golden Age Books post, and I was not wrong in thinking this would at least get a response.

  • dozy

    I think your humour is kind of lost on some of the posters here , Slim.

    I'm starting to understand why he uses a fecal stain for his avatar!!!!

    I reckon it is an ancient map of the South West of Scotland , going back to Hadrians wall days. Compare and contrast:

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Slimboy - don't do that - it will only be 'copy and pasted' into a future WT publication!

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