Is there a doctrinal change afoot in the WTBTS?

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  • Honesty
    Par. 17 But if we were to become habitual murmurers, we would be putting at risk our relationship with Jehovah God. Hence we need to control any possible inclination to murmur.'


    The GB is the same as GOD. EFF with the GB and they'll make sure your family suffers untold horrors.

  • Honesty
    Make Apostates or the Internet the wild beast!

    They might be on to something with that. We could get rid of false religion.

    Let's start with the worst ones.

  • Forscher

    I don't get the latest literature so I didn't notice.
    It does look suspiciously like something major is in the offing based on the information presented. The organization shows some inclination of trying to go mainstream the way the Worldwide Church of God did. Whether they are going to do something as earth shattering as that group did is another matter. But all that emphasis on not questioning the F&DS is tantalising. I will be interested to see whether they are preparing the R&F for a mountain, or a molehill.

  • juni

    I feel it's more of the same - cracking the whip. Too many are questioning and rightfully so. Those who continue to hand over their mind to the Society will respond to such "oral thumb screws". Others will not.

    Remember the theme of the DA. "Deliverance is Nigh". They've got people at the edge of their seats; now crank up the warnings. It's about CONTROL.


  • Jourles
    Make Apostates or the Internet the wild beast!

    They might be on to something with that. We could get rid of false religion.

    I've always pondered that. I mean, c'mon, who here thinks the UN will turn on religion? They can't even keep the diplomacy ship afloat. Their KotN theory could still switch over to Islam - it's certainly not Russia anymore(not that it really matters anyway). If you break it down, what is truly causing the WTS to lose members? Is it the governments? Other religions? Or is it the r&f learning the real truth about the org via the internet?

    Let's get real. The primary attack on Jah's earthly organization is occuring right now through the internet - at least that is how WTS hq must be seeing it. Once the dubbies read about anything, anything that causes a small trigger in their minds, chances are their donations will start to dwindle. This is obviously what is happening right now. All of the signs are there. What we are seeing at bethel right now is easily comparative to a normal corporate restructuring/revamping. If your expenditures are greater than your earnings, you must downsize, streamline, or do whatever it takes to get back into the black. If they still end up having the same cashflow issues in the near future, you can count on them getting rid of the CO's cars, possibly shuttering branches throughout the world and consolidating printing operations in just a few locations, eliminating the "special pioneer" and "missionary" positions(they get paid!), merging congregations and selling off kh's, no more quickbuilds, eliminate nearly half of the CO positions and make the circuits larger(one visit a year is enough), print less books and more brochures and tracts instead, either drop the Awake altogether or cut the WT down to one a month as well, hell, I could go on and on.

    As far as what is slated to be the next big "new light," it's anyone's guess.

  • eyeslice

    Not sure there will be a major shift.
    However, it does strike me that the WTB&TS is completely at sea at the moment, hence the constant 'counsel' about loyalty to the FDS. The 'end' has been round the corner for years, young ones are no longer as committed as we were in our youth 20 or 20 years ago, and the internet are all areas of particular worry.
    My take is that they will keep on fiddling round the basic doctrines - nothing too radical in the short term. However, we will continue to see the same pattern of little or negative growth in the west and increasingly hard to make new converts in the third world.

  • Forscher

    Agreed Eyeslice.
    When the GB took over the helm from Knorr and Franz, they had the foresight to make it next to impossible to change their doctrinal legacy by talking them into requiring a supermajority vote of all members of the GB in order to change anything. They knew they'd leave behind them nobody of Franz's stature who could get the rest to make any significant changes. That was one of the things revealed by Ray Franz in COC. When they got rid of Ray, they insured as much.
    Sooner or later though, they are going to have to make some changes or look foolish like they did until 1995 with the generation thing. Whether these artices are signalling such a change or not is another matter altogether. I don't know of anybody with the intellect and the juice to do that on the GB right now. So like you I look more for the molehill.
    One little bit of speculation. Do you think they maybe getting ready to declare the apostate crowd "evil slaves" since the original evil slaves have all died out? They need their bogeymen and that would fill the bill without making any really earth shattering changes in anything. I am likely wrong. But it does make an interesting thought.

  • Kaput
    Yes, the organization is just tacking.

    Yes, the organization is just tacky.

  • jeeprube

    They're heading off the doubts starting to rise due to the hemoragging of the membership.

  • moomanchu
    Prayer, personal study and association with spiritually minded fellow believers can also help to remove doubts and can deepten our appreciation for the faith strengthening Bible truths we have learned through Jehovah's channel of communication.'

    I think Jehovah found the remote and switched the channel of communication from the fds to the internet.

    I'm ready for the new light. Woo Hoo

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