Who REALLY controls Jehovah's Witnesses..????

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  • Darkside999

    Let me begin by saying I was raised in a Witness household.

    Now That I am older I like to question things and see where they really come from. I always found it strange that so many people would blinding think they the Society has ANY real power or knowledge.

    First of all the origins are probably evil. As RUSSEL was a 33rd degree mason, and founed Skull And Bones an evil satanic cult AND Jehovah's witnesses? Plus the RUSSLE's are said to be from the 13 satanic bloodlines of the ILLUMINAIT?

    Now another thing Jehovah is not the real way to say God' name. People who have deeper knowledge of the way to say devine names know that YHWH is the tetrgramtron and can be said many ways.

    But the thing I find weird is HOW in HELL would a relgion who was started by a MASON be good?

    Who really is pulling the strings in bethal? And what is the REAL agenda.

    Also I find it funny how the members money pays for all the people in Bethal an the overseers expenses.

    Why don't they get off their butt and get a a job?

    Does now the bible say!?? Let he who does not WORK not EAT!???

    AM I RIGHT here people? what makes them so special? I don;t see them having healing powers or bring able to leveitate or fly around... lol How do they have any esoteric power?

    Also I have read things where The WATCH TOWER has a magicakly connection to enochian magicak.

    I don't know how to investigate or prove this. But I would like for some one to provide me with websites and documentation of these facts.

    For one my mother was scared when I showed her the Illuminati EYE and Pyramid on C T RUSSLES grave.

    and the wings of RA on a JW buidling in New York.

    SOme please shed some light on this.

    I was thinking of joining this religion.. but after seeing so many things connectied to Illuminait and other un answered questions... I cannot see why I should join them.

    Oh and their Jedi Mind Tricks don't work on me!

    ONLY MONEY! Like Watto on Star Wars said...

    if anyone could give me info or anwer any of these Questions is would be appreciated!



  • under_believer

    Welcome to the board.

    I enjoy a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy; but you are right on the borderline of claiming that Russell is a shapeshifting lizard-man, and therefore right on the borderline of losing my attention on this. I'm afraid the Society is probably a lot more mundane than people could hope.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Welcome to the Darkside Darkside999,

    I'll take one:

    Who really is pulling the strings in bethal? And what is the REAL agenda.

    Theodore Jaracz ... leader of the governing body and thus the Borg.

    Real agenda: In their eyes, the preaching work. In our eyes, control, # (hours, publications), and more control.

    Hope that helps.



  • the_classicist

    How could Russell found Skull and Bones? I don't think he went to Yale...

  • Darkside999

    The founded it the same way he founded the JW's.

    think of this though. Free Masons are connected to the Illuminati.

    I am not saying he is a reptile. But he is known to be of one of the 13 bloodlines of the illuminait.

    The founded Skull and Bones the same with money. Since he has lots of it.

    You don't have to go to Yale to found Skull and Bones just to be a member.

    Just like Russel didn't have to get baptized to found JW's.

    WHY is the Pyramid and the Eye and a Masionic symbol on the grave of RUSSEL?

    till his day it only points to Free Mansry and the Illuminait.

    Now to the person who said CONTROL was the agenda?

    Is that not he same goal as the New World Order?

    For some reason I think New World Order is controling The Society,

    and also I heard that the UN was with the JW's for a while.

    Belive me this goes deeper than the JW's so many people are blind to what is really and has really been happening for a long time.

    For one thing Jehovah is not the real pronouciation of God's name.

    Yahewh Elohim ... would have more power.. if you were chanting it to gain protection from demons!

    Of course this is just my opinion since I have read and studied this stuff deeply.... but it all makes sense....

    so far... I just want to know the truth about what is going on here....

  • What-A-Coincidence
    I just want to know the truth about what is going on here....

    WAC: You want answers?
    Darkside: I think I'm entitled to them.
    WAC: You want answers?
    Darkside: I want the truth!
    WAC: You can't handle the truth!

    J/K I know where you are coming from Dark, but I have not seen a current connection to masons/illuminati. If there are, I am entitled to them too.

  • Darkside999

    LOL yeah I know what you mean!

    So you are saying after Russel there was not connection to Masons? or Illuminait etc?

    Let me ask you this then were you aware that many of the EARLY publications had the egyptian wing symbol of the sun god RA on them?

    also look at these pics.. did you were see these when you were in bethal?

    If i asked a brother about these.. i Bet they would act like they were just some nice decorations with no real meaning.. lol

    check them out... ALL SEEING EYE

    now his Gravesite

  • OpenFireGlass

    Welcome Darkside999..

    What I want to know is how does "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince" fit into the Illuminati Picture?

    Ya think maybe this Jehovah god guy might turn to:

    : "Formerly Known As The God Jehovah"?

    Joking... Welcome...

  • heathen

    I think our main poster on this topic was booted for some reason . I know I've seen some strange images in their publications as well such as one believed to be the symbol of the illuminati , that being lucifer . You might look under the poster ianones threads . The WTBTS does have occultic ties to which I was unaware of til finding this board .

    welcome aboard Darkside

  • zagor
    How could Russell found Skull and Bones? I don't think he went to Yale

    On the issues of masons influencing WTBS, think again.

    There is no evidence Russell was even an Apprentice (first degree mason) let alone coveted 33 degree.
    If they had any connection then you'd see wtbs literature promoting Masonic ideas just like in case of UN/NGO where they cunningly (j-dubs would say insidiously) promoted UN agenda. As far as freemasons are concerned ... nahhh, forget about it, its not worth pursuing.

    It is on the other hand true of Mormon church leaders, Joseph Smith was a mason as were quite a few early LDS church fathers.

    I think Russell was rather a sympathizer of freemasonry which is why he used certain language, possibly also a reason why he introduced pyramids as part of interpreting "God's will". You have to understand that back then freemasonry was widespread and that many if not most of influential people and people that mattered have in fact been masons.
    In fact, it is fair to say that freemasons had had huge if not leading influence in formation of United States and severing of ties with official British crown. So yes, masons were something people looked up to in 18th, 19th and early 20th century. So I have no difficulty in accepting that Russell was simply trying to matter in the climate of that time. I'm happy to change my view on it if someone can produce concrete evidence but even masons themselves have denied that Russell was ever a member, they are not ashamed to say that Joseph Smith was a member why would they be ashamed in the case of Russell. The fact is, he was simply not a member of freemason fraternity, full stop. Conspiracy, theories like to use form of acrobatical logic that links completely unrelated things in order to make their point. Considering that I would say that modern WTBS has more in common with conspiracy theorists than with any ‘secret societies’ the least of which would be Freemasons.

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