What do you drive and why did you chose the vehicle you have?

by JH 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • kerc

    My baby!

  • sinamongurl

    2000 ford focus lx cuz i dont know no better

  • JH

    My original question should have been, "Does your car match your personality" ?

    Mine does, because I'm small efficient and get out of tight spots fast....

  • z

    JH I can pass you in a sec

  • JH

    If you have more than 126 horse power, I believe you Z


  • blondie

    We drive an Asian minivan with good gas mileage. It is best for me with my disabilities. We saw a van just like ours with a small ramp that allowed easy access for a lightweight wheelchair. If my situation drifts that way, it is good news that we don't have to be a specialized vehicle.

    For now, it is comfortable to ride in and has room for our camping stuff and traveling. We can fit in all the in-laws and go out to eat. We have even moved some big items after easily getting the seats out of the way.

    Would buy a minivan again.


  • z

    500 horse power

  • ballistic

    I ride a motorbike because it's fun. Happens to be cheap to run as a bonus. When I arrive in the US I want to get an open-top car, but because I need to hire one for 6 weeks, it may cost $$$... we'll have to see.

  • Bstndance


    I drive an 06 Cooper as well!! I love it. Mine is red with white roof and mirrors. Although, the roof is almost non-existant because the sunroof is HUGE! It is so fuel efficient.

    The emissions are another story. On the California smog index, it's pretty high compared to similar sized vehicles. But maybe it's just a California thing. We are pretty tough with that stuff. Most people who move here from out of state with their car need to get special repairs to meet smog requirements.

    Have fun motoring!

  • nelly136

    0-60 in 20 mins downhill with the wind behind it .......................ummm maybe

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