Can anyone help me out?

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  • Periodic Bedlam
    Periodic Bedlam

    I have been trying to find a copy of the latest blood card/advanced directive that gives the liaison committee the right to access medical records. I have tried searching for it on several web sites to no avail. Can anyone help me out? I would like to use it in a presentation I am giving to my peers regarding ethics and JW's.

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  • merfi
    gives the liaison committee the right to access medical records

    You're kidding, right?? Would this be only if the patient was unable to sign (putting the POA into effect) the document to release the records? Where I work, NObody but the patient can sign out his own records, but I suppose if a family member or POA etc had written authority...

    This is pretty frightening -- letting a bunch of medically ignorant JW blood mafioso look over records.


  • garybuss
  • jgnat

    The new blood card was issued in the UK to bypass the stricter privacy laws there. I'm not sure the American card was changed.

  • Periodic Bedlam
    Periodic Bedlam

    A few weeks back I was doing an anesthesia pre-op on one of my patients for the OR. She was a JW and had a photo copy of her blood card (not the full size pages of the advanced directive packet) in her chart. It was not the same card that has been used for years. It was a condensed, wallet sized, advanced directive with the same logo all the previous blood cards have (red & black, NO BLOOD, with the blood bag with the slashed circle). It had sections listing the blood components not allowed and then listed those one could accept or refuse (there were boxes to check yes or no if the person would take it or not), as well as what treatments (i.e. cell saver) would be acceptable, and it had a section that could be signed giving the liaison committee the right to review the person's medical records. Previously I had seen the larger full page version of this medical advanced directive with the power of attorney section but it also had the section allowing the liaison committee to access records. The fact that I see it has been made in the standard blood card is something I found new. This is the card I am looking for a copy of.

    Thanks for those who replied. Keep your eyes open.


  • rebel8

    Neither version of the card meets HIPAA requirements for consent to release information!

  • blondie

    Once again PB, I would recommended bookmarking (saving in your Favorites) the website GaryBuss referenced for future questions on the JW blood issue.


  • Periodic Bedlam
    Periodic Bedlam

    I am very familiar with the site and have used it as reference for years. In fact I recently sent an email requesting information regarding this new card but have not received a reply as of yet which is why I posted here...just incase someone had access to a copy and could email it to me. The link above does not contain the copy of the card I am refering too. I will continue to look and hopefully come across it or perhaps see it once again in the chart of my next JW patient.


  • garybuss

    Are you sure this is not what you have described? Or are you looking for the directive for the UK?

    PART 3 ? Power of Attorney With Guardianship Directive WTB&TS JAN 2003

    . . . The power of attorney especially includes the following matters (I have initialed what is applicable):

    (a) To consent to, refuse, or withdraw consent to any or all types of medical treatment, surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures, and prescribed medication, even if I die because of such or could suffer heavy or prolonged health damage. The power of attorney also includes the following: the right to consent to the use of palliatives to relieve severe and almost intolerable pain; to receive any information, oral or written, pertaining to my psychical or mental health; to review medical records, including my medical history and hospital records, and to get copies of these, as well as to consent to passing on this information. At the same time, the power of attorney includes the authority to release all physicians treating me from the medical confidentiality incumbent upon them. My legal agent must be given the needed medical explanations.

  • crazyblondeb

    I can vouch for what Rebel8 said. Right now the HIPPA laws bypass that card.

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