Do the GB REALLY get their "Food" from Jehovah?

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  • gumby

    We were taught that the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" are led/fed by Jehovah/Jesus/ Spirit

    Think about it though for a minute. When the "writing dept." takes on the task of doing re-search for articles to publish.....where do they go for information? Is it not from christendoms books and from secular books?

    Let's say the society get's new light on a matter.....such as the "generation change".

    The Watchtower writer/writer(s) get out their greek lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, and they proceed to write these articles based on the information contained in christendoms books.

    How then can it be said that this spiritual food comes from the "slave class" ....when all these fella's did was copy and paste what was written by those OUTSIDE of the Organisation?


  • What-A-Coincidence

    The Society has a montly subcription to the discourses of the Pope.

    They use e-sword

    The library in the writing department is full of wordly wisdom.

    This is all true. I served at Bethel.

    definately not food from Jehovah

    - wac

  • gumby

    What-A Coincidence....first off....thanks for letting this thread not spill over to page two like the rest of the bastards did

    A question for you? Did you ever think about the fact of what you just related WHILE you were in Bethel? I personally never gave a thought as to WHERE the society got all their info from.

    They say reading the AWAKE! long enough would be equal to a college education, yet all the info in an AWAKE! comes from "the world" anyway. Guess they figure they save you the bad association....but they STILL give the credit to Jehovah for the food they fed us contained in the publications.


  • Honesty

    Many of the scholars quoted and often misquoted by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in its publications, for instance, W.E. Vine, Will Durant, John McClintock and Dr. James Strong to name a few were theologians. That's right, they were members of the very groups that are condemned in the pages of the WATCHTOWER as being pawns of Satan.

  • luna2

    That's pretty interesting...they check out what's being served by Babs the Great and the other minions of Satan so that they know what they are going to dish up. That Jehoober sure does love his little witnesses, doesn't he? They get congealed leftovers at the proper time.

  • OpenFireGlass
    where do they go for information? Is it not from christendoms books and from secular books?

    Yes, From the UN library....

  • gumby

    Luna....good point as usual. It must be nice to sit in their little Bethel room of comfort and pick and choose what info rhymes with their current teachings. I'll bet little Freddie Franz just shit his short every time something he read in christendoms books jived with a dub teaching.


    where do they go for information? Is it not from christendoms books and from secular books?
    Yes, From the UN library....
    Oooooooh, that was dooooozy! Imagine, getting your info from the belly of a beast with 10 horns! Gumby
  • anewme

    Gumby, you have been asking some pretty good questions lately.
    Just who do these guys think they are anyway?

  • architect

    I have posted a similar question sometime ago. This is so deceving publishing things they "cut and pasted" from worldly wisdom and attaching Jehovah's name to it ! Yet the average JW would not hear of such thing. This certainly has pushed me further away from this organization. I'm holding on by a thread. I guess we have to take out / sift out what the bible truly says and go from there. But its hard going to the hall to keep hearing that all this stuff is in fact coming from Jehovah/ Jesus/ spirit.

  • under_believer

    Excerpt from Crisis of Conscience:

    The Society's vice president, Fred Franz, was acknowledged as the organization's principal Bible scholar. On a number of occasions I went to his office to inquire about points. To my surprise he frequently directed me to Bible commentaries, saying, "Why don't you see what Adam Clarke says, or what Cooke says," or, if the subject primarily related to the Hebrew Scriptures, "what the Soncino commentaries say."

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