Do the GB REALLY get their "Food" from Jehovah?

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  • gumby

    Anewme, thanks so much...i try

    architect, you'll be 'out' before you know me


    I guess freddie felt like he was truely..."milking the nations" eh? Using christendom for spiritual food, yet claiming christendoms scholars don't have a chance in hell in surviving armageddon. Arrogant bastards!


  • Warlock


    You are just kidding, right?


  • headmath

    The watchtower is not written under inspiration. It is written by a bunch of old geezers and anything they write is loyally devoured by the dub without question because they are not allowed to question the GB. How nuts is that?

  • What-A-Coincidence

    No Joke! That subscription is for real. It belongs to the writing department.

  • Arthur

    Yes, other Christian writers and scholars are routinely quoted in many of the publications. Gleason Archer is a Christian Fundamentalist scholar who has been referred to and quoted quite often in the various publications. In the societie's quotes and references, Gleason Archer often sounds like a very intelligent scholar. But if you look into much of the other writings that he has done; you will see that Archer's views are often some what irrational and even down right silly.

    One of you already made reference to what Raymond Franz said about the writing department using other Christian references. Franz also stated something that I found kind of humorous. According to Franz, Karl Klein was irritated by the writing department using references of other Christian scholars. According to Franz, Karl Klein routinely referred to it as "sucking on the tit of Babylon the Great".

  • the_classicist

    I have a theory that JW theology is simply a reaction to the doctrines of others rather than a reasoned synthesis of their own making. I also have a feeling I'm right.

  • VM44

    All they do is make things up, and then vote on whether to publish it.

    The Watchtower is a man-made, man-directed, man-inspired book publishing corporation pretending to be God's visible organization on earth.

    Everyone working for it is wasting their time.


  • garybuss

    Someone might have written an article on this subject.

    New Light

    from Old Books and Dead Opposers

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore
    Let's say the society get's new light on a matter.....such as the "generation change".

    The Wt hasn't ANY new light since Charles T. Russell......and I mean not ANY.

  • gumby
    The Wt hasn't ANY new light since Charles T. Russell......and I mean not ANY.

    From a christian point of view, ....what possible "light" could come forth since Jesus himself? He WAS the light. Russell only shared aspects about him as did thousands of others.


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