Is there anything about the JW's you still like?

by donny 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    There are individual JWs that I think could be my friends, if they were not JWs. How does that sound? It's like saying that someone's really cool when they are not on drugs.


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    My mind doesn't want to think about things I like or still like, mainly because I'm going through some other break thrus that are using up all my processing power in the frontal lobs.

    But I suppose I could come up with something. I like the way they "try" to be nice in order not to make Jehovah sad.

  • looter
    I incline to believe that when you die, you go to hell. Because while you are on earth, the entire globe gives you heartache and then you receive even more heartache when you go to perpetual damnation. But when you are gone from the globe, placidity is on your designations in the globes. None of these things can be relished when you realize there is an astronomically immense fraud in the organization. So, no. Nothing.
  • flipper
    How about ? No, nothing, none whatsoever
  • ShirleyW

    What Flipper said.

  • Lightgrowsbrighter
    Good post Donny. Yes, there are some good things I miss about being a JW, including the points you made. I believe the bottleneck is at the top, and JW's are no exception. Many JW's are good, sincere people. They follow the leadership, and that means that all of the negative factors are there as well as the positive. I think if a few dozen arrogant leaders at the top adopted a truly Christlike humble attitude, the trickle down could be amazing. Unfortunately as Ray Franz pointed out, it doesn't seem possible with WT leadership.
  • DesirousOfChange

    I still like most of the people.

    I simply realize that most of them are still duped.


  • Crazyguy
    The fact that the religion ruins peoples lives making them lazy zombies waiting for something that will never happen and not to forget they are guilty of murdering thousands of its own with its crazy medical doctrines, the answer is a resounding NO!!!!!!!
  • cantleave

    I like that they are making themselves look sillier and sillier every time they do a JW broadcast.

  • JWCart

    No, I don't like anything about them because I've seen their true identity, it's basically a religion where the most selfish of society can feel good about doing nothing for the World while slapping themselves on their backs claiming they are doing good works and good deeds.

    JWs are a strange bunch, they are quick to tell everyone you need "Faith" with "Undeserved Kindness" but they slowly push "Grace" out the door and don't practice good to people who are not part of their Organization. There was a man who came down from Heaven and said "If all you do is practice good to your own, your no better than the Gentiles because that's what they do!" JWs are the Modern Day Pharisees and offer no value to humanity, they are nothing but takers sucking off the tits of the Wild Beast or King of the South.

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