Is there anything about the JW's you still like?

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  • flipper

    I definitely agree with the comment that Undercover made that NO amount of good things the WT Society does can make up for hiding crimes committed by their elders regarding child abuse and insisting on attaining their OWN rights and freedom - yet stripping their own JW rank & file members of THEIR rights and freedoms. Especially regarding child abuse and the agony of parents and children being unjustly treated by the WT Society and appointed elders , Witnesses not receiving blood transfusions causing many deaths through the years , shunning policy leading to many suicides by people who are shunned , the death of thousands of Malawi JW's who didn't get a political party card- yet this same rule was not applied to the Witnesses in Mexico and they lived because WT Society said they could register in the military.

    I could go on and on.......... the list is endless, lives destroyed due to not being allowed to get a higher education, but oh WAIT ! That's just for the rank & file JW's, WT GB members and WT attorneys were allowed to get a higher education. Does that mean that WT Society GB and higher up WT elders don't have to follow WT rules and regulations ? You bet it does. They make up the rules and regulations as they go along - whatever rules and regulations will benefit the financial well being of the WT organization- that's what they'll do. Did I mention about the Kingdom hall takeovers ? The volunteer labor with rank & file JW's paying the WT Society hard earned donated money so that in the end- WT Society gets title on all the land and property ?

    The hypocrisy, evil, and stench of this organization rises up into the universe and permeates the solar system. I call a spade a spade. It's pure evil. WT Society has a lot of bloodguilt and death and lost lives on it's leaders heads that they are accountable for. And you're still asking me if there is anything I like about the Jehovah's Witnesses ? I rest my case. Answer's still NO - with emphasis on the NO

  • apostrate

    First off, I was raised in the "Truth" from the time I was 11 years old. I found the meetings to be boring. Didn't like going out in service, so I didn't go very often.

    What I did like was that before and after the meetings I had a social club where a couple of times a week I could meet up and socialize with my friends. However, I am sure there are plenty of ISIS members who feel the same way about their organization. "Hey, I really don't care for the killing people part, but this is where my friends are! Whaddya gonna do?"

  • Finkelstein

    Whats to like about an organization that indirectly caused the death of thousands, broke apart perhaps more than million families, all done by corrupt opportunistic men seeking their own semblance of power and control ?

    The WTS did this all by exploiting people's ignorance, insecurities and fear.

  • Vidiot

    donny - "Is there anything about the JWs you still like?"

    Sure; a lot of them are genuinely nice folks (including my mom).

    It's the GB and the WT organization that I dislike.

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