JW Table at My Student Center Today, My Response

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  • cofty

    Well one BOC.

  • Dagney

    Very well done.

    I think any additional insight we can give to anybody about this religion is important.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Thanks COFTY and DAGNEY.

    Something that kind of spontaneously came out during my meeting with the director of student involvement today was something I don't think I've ever expressed on this board.

    When I was in high school (1984-5?) there was a class trip to the state university (the one I am now attending) for students interested in engineering, computers, mathematics.

    I loved it.

    At the time, the ceramics lab on this particular campus had actual samples of the material used for the Space Shuttle tiles. A student had this white block of material cooking in some sort of kiln until it was red hot, then removed it from the kiln with tongs, and picked the still-glowing tile material up by the cool edges with his bare fingers. Amazing stuff!

    It was after this trip that I really started getting the heat about college (just realizing how "punny" that statement is considering the previous paragraph!)

    Anyway, not long thereafter, my mother brings me into the back room before two elders: one a mason/bricklayer and another guy who remodels kitchens and bathrooms. They advise me that being mixed in with college kids is dangerous should Armageddon break out. How would Jehovah tell me apart from the worldly kids? And why go to college when the end is sooooo close? You're either in "the Ark," or you're out.

    From that point on --- up until I woke up --- I had literal nightmares of walking in front of the engineering buildings on this particular campus and seeing fireballs from heaven rain down, and realizing I was doomed.

    But now, I told the director, I walk around that VERY SAME CAMPUS where I had once toured thirty years ago, and had so many nightmares about, and I AM SAFE. NO FIREBALLS. NO ARMAGEDDON.

    I am still alive.

    And I am learning some pretty goddamned amazing stuff!

  • yodastar

    Awesome BOC and well done on raising awareness.

    Funny when you look back about the rubbish stories. The leopards on the bed etc. Pure fantasy land, but they are not true but yet they still tell the kids the same rubbish and of course kids love fairy tales.

    My teachers on leaving school really encouraged me to stay - saying there were plenty of people for trades and I should carry on my studies for higher education but it was always my destiny to join my families trade practise, do my apprenticeship etc.

    One elder in the cong I used to go to was an accountant and university lecturer!! (In fact quite a few Dubs like the university lecturer role, no irony really ) but the rest of the elders were painters and concreter people or office workers yet with this lack of education they still think that they can play physiology 101 with the sheeple in the judicial's they like to hold but being dumbasses how can they profess to know the mind, but they do.

    When I was struggling and on the way out and was feeling depressed I got reprimanded for seeing a professional therapist because 'seriously - how can they help you if they don't know gods word.'

    These elders who sit in judgement of others should be held accountable for their lack of education.

    Good on you for getting back to your higher education. Congrats on your letter and responses. Cheers

  • JakeM2012
    Applause, Applause, Applause!!!
  • stuckinarut2

    Awesome result and great news!

    Keep up the good work of shining a spotlight on this farce by the witnesses!

  • smiddy

    B.O.C. I am impressed , you did a magnificent job in the professional way you handled it .And congratulations to you pursuing your higher education even if it is at a later date .Your never to old to learn so they keep telling me.

    Well done.


  • jhine

    What are you studying BOC ? And to what end i.e. what do you want to be when you grow up ? It is great that you are.now doing what you always wanted to do ,and well done for speaking out .


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    JHINE - LOL! So what do I want to be when I grow up? Hmmmmmm........

    I am going for a double major in Computer Science and Linguistics.

    What can you do with that?

    Ideally, I would love to go on to grad school and get a PhD in Linguistics. ...

    Realistically, I would love to complete my bachelors and go into natural language processing.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Thanks for the update about this. Good for you for standing up and writing that email. We all know you could probably have filled up the 20 minutes that it took to write it with many other important things, but it sounds like you have maybe forced the witnesses into a little more accountability.

    And I hope she watches that video and is just appalled as we were.

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