What generation JW are you?

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  • south african beef
    south african beef

    I was 3rd generation.

    1st generation (my grandmother) was rather week in d troof, 2nd gen (my mum and dad) are the strongest most dedicated most gullible witnesses ever who take everything to extremes (no naughty tv programs, never visited a pub - why would we want to join worldly people and drink alcohol with them?, would rather go to prison than be on a jury!!! etc etc), 3rd generation (my brother) as strong and mad as them, and then there was the little brother me - bought up in d troof, baptised at 18, ministerial servant for ages, gave public talks, group study etc etc - now totally free of it all and loving and I mean REALLY LOVING every minute of it.

    Just wish I wasn't hoodwinked for the first 40 years of my life. Wish i left in the '70s. I would have had so much fun.

  • White Waves
    White Waves

    2nd gen.

  • Stress Free
    Stress Free

    Unfortunately third generation.

  • GoingGoingGone

    2nd gen.


  • CountryGuy

    Third, and hopefully the last...

    My sister was never a JW, and has told me in no uncertain terms that she WILL NEVER become a dub. However, until last Saturday, I was never sure about my brother. My brother and I don't talk that much and I kinda assumed it was because of my sexuality and how we were raised. This past weekend, his car broke down not too far from my house and I was able to help him out. During that time, we cleared up a lot of misunderstandings, including my thinking that he was just an inactive JW, not an xJW. He also told me in no uncertain terms, with some pretty colorful language, that he would never set foot inside a KH again.

    Of course, my family is crazy and you never know what might happen, but here's hoping that my brother, my sister and I are the last JW generation in our family.


  • Athanasius

    It looks like a 3rd generation JW is more than twice as likely to leave than a 2nd generation JW.

  • wannaexit

    2nd generation for me and I promise you there will NOT be a 3rd generation from my family. The buck stops here!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • loosie

    I am 4th generation

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