Boudreax and Thibodeaux

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  • Simon

    I'm going to stay out of this other than sharing these diagrams of what goes on inside a man's brain compared to a woman's brain...

    <img src='/images/malebrain.gif'><br clear='all'><img src='/images/femalebrain.gif'><br clear='all'>

  • Seven

    Good one Simon! I would make the following modifications to the female brain:
    1.The small sex cell and the indecision nucleas would trade places.
    2The sense of direction neuron & jealousy areas should trade places.

    I would revise the male brain as follows:
    1. Change all areas not marked Sex to Sex with the exception of the area marked attention span-change that to dreaming about sex. LOL


  • Frenchy

    Say, you girls ain't mad, are you??? I don't think I want to hear the one about being 'short-changed' do I???

    Here's a Boudreaux joke:
    Boudreaux and his wife are barreling down the highway when a cop pulls him over.

    "Hey, whatsamatta'?" He barks at the officer.
    "You were speeding, sir." The officer replies tactfully.
    "Dat's a damn lie!" Boudreaux shouts back at the officer.
    "Sir, I have you on my radar. You were speeding" The officer replies very politely.
    "Look, man, I'm tellin' you I was not speedin'. Now we gonna ax' my wife here, Marie, who don' never lie 'bout nuttin'. Go ahead, ax' her!"
    The officer is trying very hard to humor Boudreaux so he looks over at the woman and asks her very nicely, "Mrs Boudreax, was your husband speeding?"
    She turns to the officer with a scowl on her face and says: "Look, I don't fool wit' him at all when he's drunk like dis!"

  • Seven

    Frenchy, I could NEVER be mad at you. :) Especially now that your jokes are starting to shape up. lol


  • RedhorseWoman

    Be angry with you? How could we ever be angry with you? After all, you've just given us such wonderful reasons to start posting male-bashing jokes without making us feel guilty. (hehehehe)

  • Frenchy

    Okay, ladies, an appeal at redemption:

    Setting: Garden of Eden.
    Adam is strolling through the garden whistling and singing and...(well, Eve was created yesterday afternoon, get it?)... anyway while he's traipsing down a garden path he hears a familiar voice address him.

    "Adam" (sounds like distant thunder) "Do you approve of your mate?"
    "Oh, yes!" He exclaims while he rubs his side. (It's still a little sore from the operation)
    "But there are a couple of questions I would like to ask you."

    "Very well, my son" (thunder again)

    "Why did you make her so soft, and voluptuous, and so beautiful?"

    "So you would love her." He replies to Adam.
    "Oh," He replies...then he turns his head upward again and asks: "But why did you make her stupid?!"

    "So she'd love YOU" Came the reply.....

  • Seven

    Frenchy, I must give you an A for effort on that one. I heard the same one but with a different ending. When Adam asked God why he made Eve so stupid, God said, "So she will laugh at all of your jokes!! LOL :)


  • RedhorseWoman

    But, you see, she wasn't stupid....she was biding her time (hehehehe)

  • Frenchy

    Scene: (Fade in)... Adam and Abel are clearing out the weeds from their pitiable little garden. Abel looks up and wipes the sweat from his face.

    ABEL: Dad, how was it when you and mom were in the Garden of Eden?

    The man straightens up and winces slightly at the pain in his lower back. He, too wipes the sweat from his brow and looks down at his son.

    ADAM: It was great, son, unbelievabe! Fruit trees, berries, everything a person could possibly want was there.

    Abel points to a place to the west.

    ABEL: Dad, is that the Garden of Eden over there?
    ADAM: Yep, son, that's where your mother ate us out of house and home.

  • waiting

    Mary and Jane were sitting in their seats waiting for the orchastra to become organized and begin playing. The band members were tuning their instruments. Finally silence.

    From the side, the conductor walks seriously to his mark and taps the podium.

    Mary says to Jane, "Oh, look, a man telling everybody what to do - how rare."

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