Infiltration by Apostates

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  • Kenneson

    I mentioned recently that I belong to a pro-Jehovah's Witness forum and how they were having internal problems requiring the lockdown of a thread for a 24 hour cooling period. Someone on the forum admitted that it caused their posting to drop. Now, they are beset with another problem. Someone sent this interesting post:

    "Hey guys. I just ran across this; a reporter joined our religion and did an inside story on being a Jehovah's Witness. Interesting stuff.

    What do you think about this? Is this good or bad?"

    Whoa! Now, this has created quite a stir! The person, who goes by the handle of looking for peace, was promptly banned, we are told, until Armageddon. There's talk of post by post moderation. Someone mentioned that this incident will probably cause posting to drop further. They see themselves under attack and Satan is behind it by using apostates.

  • luna2

    Poor little dubbers. Their world is a place of great fear and greater suspicion.

  • KW13

    i wouldn't worry

  • Elsewhere

    Amazing how the "truth" cannot stand up to close scrutiny and commentary.

  • Balsam

    I remember the constant worry online, when a group of us active JW's would be infiltrated by an apostate persons. One of the most irritating things while I was still in was how aggressive so called apostates where. Actually it was what kept me in the witnesses a little longer because of the anti-witnesses attacking the witnesses. It made us feel it was surely satan which made us all band together more closely. The hatred was so strong you could cut it with a knife. Finally I had a discussion with one of these people called Winston on Excite discussion and began to learn how badly he had been hurt by the behavior of the witnesses. Even then I though he totally over reacted, and it seemed to me he brought much hardship on himself by the way he went about leaving the JW's.

    I suppose that is why I never ever go to active JW site. If JW have a desire to investigate the religion they will do it without our harrassing them. I believe in strickly hands off when it comes to active witness. They have every right to believe anyway they want, all religions do after all don't they?

  • carla


    I believe they have a right to their beliefs, the problem with jw's is that thay act upon those dangerous, hurtful, deadly, and abusive beliefs.

  • orangefatcat

    It really amazes me how JWs feel so threatened by apostates. Do they have something to hide? Sure they do they don't anyone knowing what really is going on in the organization.

    Kenneson thanks for the links, I really appreciated it.

    love ya


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Hey, I went to that link. That's our own SICK OF LIES. I think he just said his "goodbyes" to JWD a few days ago. (too bad, just when he was about to become infamous famous).

  • White Waves
    White Waves

    sick of lies isn't gone after all! I hope this causes some distress for the WTBS, GB and the elders at his old KH. I am guessing the elders at his former KH are in a bit of trouble?? I just hope more and more questioning JWs and JWs that feel trapped put the effort forth to get out and find what a real life is. Every day I am more thankful for the new life I live.

  • looking_glass

    It looks like a pretty good site. I breezed thru it and it has a lot of info. But of course it is typical persecution complex and "satan" is behind it theory. Balsam is correct, any active jws get all prickely if you say anything negative, so imagine when someone says something really nasty, it just gives jws fuel that apostates are just bitter jws who have a chip on their shoulder. People who question, will start to poke around. People who want to stay blind to everything will just ignore it all and live their life in happy jw-dum.

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