Thank You Ray Franz.

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  • montag

    Absolutely right Ranchette!

    Reading 'Crisis of Conscience' helped me so much, I began to understand that I wasn't 'weird' for having had so many doubts for so long.
    If you have any faith left after leaving the org then you must read Ray's second book 'In search of Christian Freedom' but make C of C your first purchase for sure!!


  • TweetieBird

    Ranchette, it so good to see you post. It's me (OrangeBlossom)I changed my name. Naturally I agree with everything you said.

    On a personal note, not only would I like to express my gratitude to Ray Franz for what he did, but I would also like to include recognition to another hero in my book, Bill Bowen. Both men have sacrificed more than any of us possibly know in order to tell the real truth about "the truth."

    "By doubting we come at truth" -Cicero

  • Ranchette

    My old friend Orangeblossom!I remember you. My circumstances about being careful not to blow my cover still applies but I'm dying to fill everyone in on what I can.
    I used to fill every in on the spiritual food they were missing at rhe meetings and in the magazines now it will have to be something else.Hope yall aren't starving since its been so long since I fed you!Ha ha

  • jst2laws

    While I watch and agree often with expressions as these without commenting, I will here state my immeasurable gratitude to Ray. I avoided his books for years like jumping into a cold swimming pool. I knew without reading them that the consequence would be permanent. It was and I'm glad.


    You said: "the Society would these days prefer a quiet understanding regarding specific individuals such as Ray Franz, while publically condemning specific actions by "opposers" such as in Georgia."

    I’m unaware of what these means. What have I missed, please?


  • ozziepost

    Down here in the land of Oz we too extend our gratitude to Ray Franz for his books. No aussie (or anyone else) can read those two books and still feel the same toward the org as they previously did.

    God bless you, Ray


    "Evil is the absence of empathy"
    Movie (2000), Nuremberg

  • Gozz

    Ray Franz is an apostate. He is, according to the definition of the Watchtower. But the bible defines an apostate differently.

    By demonizing Ray, the Governing Body achieved the aim of distancing rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses from him and others who may have dissenting views. Ray was the personification of the inquisition-style purging that took place about two decades ago; but more lies form the Tower are needed to cover the tracks of that dishonesty. Younger generation JWs are reading Ray's books and shedding tears. For a JW who reads the book, or parts of it, life will never be the same again. Funny how much one can learn about the truth from an apostate. A week of days with the book by Ray is worth more than a week of years in the Tower.

  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum

    I read Crisis of Conscience in 1984. I read it three times in one week because I wanted to be absolutely certain that what I was reading made sense to me when compared to 34 years of Watchtower indoctrination. Only after I was thoroughly convinced of the validity of his assertions did I pass the book onto my father.

    For as long as I live, I will have a overwhelming feeling of gratitude to Ray Franz for his honesty and courage. I remember Ray as seeming somewhat aloof when I was at Bethel in the early 70's, but perhaps he was just starting to have questions internally even back then.

    The biggest obstacle when talking to current JW's about their doubts is getting them to actually take the step of reading Crisis of Conscience. There is no substitute for reading it.

  • montag

    On a practical note, it would be a good idea to put a 'book request' for both of Rays books in at your local library.
    Make it as easy as possible for dubs to find them.


  • Escargot

    Well, I met Ray when I was a young lad living in Maywood, CA. We had a sister of a GB member serving in our congregation. I got to hear all the great stuff Ray was writing and the projects that he was working on. Remember, most of the Aid book and the Organized book was written/overseen by Ray. Also, the best book ever by the WT, Commentary on the Letter of James (the only book that has stayed the test of time) was written with his input.

    I could not understand why a great brother like Ray was then demonized. Another case of bearing false witness of a brother.

    "Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection, send my credentials to the house of detention, I got some friends inside.....”
    The Doors

  • Number 6
    Number 6

    May I just add my personal thanks to Ray. I read COC last year and it truly devastated me. Even having been out for a decade I still harboured the doubts of "What if they're right and Armaggeddon comes!"

    After reading Ray's experiences I realised the Watchtower is just another cultish religion with a huge stranglehold over its members. I have just this week finished ISOCF and again truly stunned at some of the revelations at how the Watchtower conducts itself and the continious flip-flopping of doctrine.

    But I think what impressed me most about Ray's accounts is his lack of rancour towards his fellow Witnesses especially at high level within the organisation. To be thrown out on the Street at nearly 60 with no material resources, slandered and ultimately set up for DF'ing would have given him cause more than anyone else to feel bitter after a lifetimes service. But no, he still has a love of fellow man based on TRUE Christian principles which most Witnesses would be hard pressed to emulate. SHAME ON YOU WATCHTOWER for treating this caring human being in such a callous manner!

    From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU RAY.


    I am not a dub I am a free man.

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