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  • EAGLE-1

    After blozy dozys remark to my post I stood with my sword and shield.Which shall I use? Should I tell him to f--- off or just laugh.Then all of you guys let loose a barrage of arrows on his smartass.Thanks.....I do not think he is a jw and I thank the one JW that posted here calling him on his attitude.My reference to my parental units instead of parents is not out of hate for them.I feel they are controlled by the wbts and therefore robotic and programmed.They were great before the watchtower invasion.They were happy etc.Thanks for the defense of my position and I will cease the parental unit refer.....But its like they are dead.If dozy had made that statement to me in person their would have been ......well you can guess.

  • lilybird

    EAGLE-1.. In your post you said your parents were great until they became JWS and then it was like they were dead.. I can really relate to that.. I try to block out a lot of my childhood, some parts not so great..

    But before my mother became a very stanch JW, she gave us amazing birthdays,, Christmas, and they always had a abig Halloween party for all the kids on the block..And my parent were happy. My Dad was opposed to the day he died.So that didn't help.But,, it was like the life was sucked out of my mother,, now when I really remember, and the whole world revolved around the new system and the "friends" ..Very robotic.. (shiverrrr) I am happy to hear that the corp of JWS is decreasing.. and may it just decrease more and more with each passing year

  • jgnat

    In my experience, regular churches are examining themselves and their world. Are they effectively reaching in to their community? They are critically examining themselves and changing with the times.


    From the Barna Group's website:

    "The ultimate aim of the firm is to partner with Christian ministries and individuals to be a catalyst in moral and spiritual transformation in the United States."

    It seems to me the Watchtower Society has not allowed themselves a similar critical scrutiny. If they cannot admit error, they cannot change. So their loyal followers trudge on, door-to-door, like worn out Fuller Brush salesmen.

  • Mary
    Justita said: As some of you know, I am an active, practicing JW. And I want to apologize for Dozy's behavior

    Justita, you don't have to apologize for anything......Dozy needs to take responsibility for her own words----something she apparently can't do.

    As many of you have correctly pointed out, JW's have long bragged about our growth as evidence of Jehovah's holy spirit; nothing could be farther from the truth. I have been privately complaining about such nonsensical reasoning for at least 10 years! People would look at me as if I were crazy (apostate) when I would say, "What if we experience a decline? If growth is evidence of Jehovah's holy spirit, will a decline be evidence of losing Jehovah's spirit?" No one could ever imagine a decline.

    Exactly. Because we were brainwashed for so many years into believing that this "growth" was evident of "Jehovah's blessing" which is crazy when you think about it. Bill Gates started IBM in the mid 1970s. Was his phenonminal growth "evident of Jehovah's blessing'? What about the Wonderful World of Disney? Look at how it's grown in the last 70 years? What's that saying....."..It all started with a mouse..." Does this indicate that WDW has Jehovah's blessing?

    Of course people are going to look at you like you're an apostate if you say anything that makes them stop and use their own brain cells, rather than just repeating what the WTS tells you to think and say..........some people, like Dozy, just don't get it.

  • ballistic

    Microsoft, Mary, Microsoft.

  • gumby
    Jehovah's Witnesses, 1,029,902 members, reporting a decrease of 1.07 members

    the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (increasing 1.74

    Son-of-a-biatch.....the damn mormons are stealin our brothers and sisters.......bastards! Hey, whatever happened to "the waters in christendom are drying up articles" ? Looks like christendom has plenty of water and the dubs are the parched ones to me. Gumby

  • Mary
    Microsoft, Mary, Microsoft.

    D'OH! You're right.........stupid, me: Microsoft.....has Jehovah's blessing.

    Gumbers asked: Hey, whatever happened to "the waters in christendom are drying up articles" ? Looks like christendom has plenty of water and the dubs are the parched ones to me.
    *** w83 7/1 p. 7 A Pleasure-Loving World About to End! ***. Thus, "Babylon the Great" is the world empire of false religion, including all the churches of Christendom........so the drying up of the waters means the dwindling of the people’s support for religion.

    w75 7/15 p. 429 Watch Out for Spiritual Uncleanness ***

    Their preaching has expanded to more than 200 lands, and the remarkable increase of hundreds of thousands of persons joining them each year in pure worship testifies to Jehovah’s blessing. These are facts of historical record, and can be found in the columns of The Watchtower and in the annual Yearbook of Jehovah’s witnesses.

    Hey, maybe they got it backwards. Maybe it's the WTS that is really Babylon the Great eh?

  • ballistic

    However Microsoft's first contract ever was to write an DOS operating system for IBM. IBM believed at the time there was no money to be made in writing OS's and allowed Microsoft to keep the copyright.

    I know IBM was around before the 70's because my mother worked for them in the 50's and I worked for them until last year.

  • Hellrider

    Dozy: Let me offer you another perspective. The preaching work is completed!

    That`s right. There`s not a single person on the planet (possibly apart from some forgotten, unknown tribe in the rain forest in Brasil) that hasn`t heard about Jesus Christ. Everybody in the whole world has heard about Jesus Christ and the Bible. Some has decided to become christians, some refuse. That`s all Jesus ever asked for. He never commanded his followers to go from door to door to preach the word, dressed in a suit with a briefcase full of Awakes, he just commanded them to go and bear witness of him. There are many ways to do this. The evangelists have their own TV-networks, and that`s a hell of a lot more effective than the very oldfashioned door-to-door-thing that you and the JWs are doing. What, do you think it is by coincidense that the evangelists and born-agains have risen to become one of the, possibly the most important and powerful political lobbying group in the U.S (I`m not saying that that is a good thing, btw)?

    See, the problem here is that you are viewing this with JW-eyes. Of course, not every person in the world has heard the JW-version of the Bible. You believe that it is the duty (or that the Bible says that it is the duty for every christian denomination) to spread the word about their view of the Bible. But the fact is that very few (if any) christians view the Bible this way. So what you are doing, is taking the standars/views of the WTS (that you have a duty to evangelise to the world according to your biblical doctrines) - and projecting them onto all the other christians of the world. Can`t you see how narrow this view of yours is?

    Acts 1.8: "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

    Not: Go door to door and make all people Jehovahs witnesses. You may believe that this is the command in Matthew 10 too, but that passage (and similar passages) are probably just referring to the apostles (otherwise I would have to ask you why you do not also "heal the sick, raise the dead, clean those with leprosy and drive out demons"as in verse 8, or why you gladly accept money for your "services", which verse 9 forbids). Nope, just witness about Jesus to the ends of the earth. The christians have long since completed this command. All the world know about Jesus Christ. You should find other things to do with your time than annoy people at 10 in the morning on a Saturday.

  • inquirer

    moggy lover,

    Rutherford who instituted the door-to-door evangelizing, refused to do it himself. [Probably just as well, since he was rarely sober to do do anything]


    He'd of punch people in the face, if they said "not interested," wouldn't he?

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