CO says: Pioneers sad; Ok to hit

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  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate
    The good news - the weapons training is going very well.

    The bad news I'll be partaking at the memorial - let's see what happens!


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    If anyone wants bait, if you have moved or are not known where you are now, simply fill out the online form for a free home bible study at the official site. Worked for me.


  • EAGLE-1

    I will invite them in,knock them out,dip them in wax.

    Welcome to the HOUSE of WAX 2 : THE HALL OF HORROR

    Scene 1 : My God they all have stupid smiles on their faces,and whats with the book bags?

    Stand back I will look inside one.

    NOOOO!!!! Nooooo!!!! Run theyve got watchtowers!!!!!

    Scene 2 : Hey Im trying to read over here!!! Light up one of those jdubs so I can see.

    Who would do such a thing?

    A rough estimate.....lets see......about 4 billion shocking

    Scene 4 : I was just upstairs and I saw a small child.He was all crazy looking and scared.He told me he did it.It was revenge for the abuse.

    See if he wants MacDonalds.I am hungry.

    Should we call the police?


  • blondie
    High gas prices are also affecting pioneers; can you drive your car when working with pioneers?

    This is a good question for the elders...most elders are working full-time as well as their wives but pioneers are usually working part-time and maintaining a vehicle as well.

    I remember a sister telling me about a circuit assembly where the special needs was about how the publishers chose to let the pioneers use their cars since their cars were old and the publishers didn't want to rack up miles on their new cars. It was suggested that when they worked with pioneers the publishers should volunteer to use their own cars................and that was 20 years ago.

    Questions to ask pioneers: How is your scedule working out? Do you enjoy pioneering?

    Answers to that: Publishers expect the pioneers to adjust their schedule to fit theirs. Publishers cancel out on appointments to go out with pioneers. Publishers say they will go out for the afternoon and poop out after 1 hour. Publishers never show up for appointments to go out with pioneer. Other pioneers only go out with certain publishers/pioneers on return visits and bible studies. Pioneers have full car with 4 and will not split up into 2 cars when 1 pioneer shows up. Snooty pioneers will not talk to certain pioneers.....Do we enjoy pioneering under such circumstances.

    A pioneer said she had been pioneering for 15 years and had never worked with an elder not even her book study conductor.

    Very few of the elders auxiliary pioneer with the pioneers. They arrange car groups and then go off by themselves, with other elders/MS, or maybe their family.


  • MinisterAmos

    It is ok to defend oneself even striking out against a physically aggressive attacker.

    You sure about that one? When I was going through the prep to become a Publisher, one of the main points we discussed was that it is improper to cause pain to another person for ANY reason.

    Self-Defense classes, weapons training, keeping a gun by the bed are all big DeFfing no-no's.

    Dubs trust in Jewhoo to protect them.

  • rebel8

    Why was it necessary to even mention that former jws are allowed in meetings if they conduct themselves properly? Isn't that common sense?

    What happened to turning the other cheek?

    Exactly. This thing has steam coming out my ears. When I was little, around maybe 8 yrs old, I was having trouble with bullies at school punching me etc. In light of my bleeding disorder, this can cause me serious/dangerous health problems. I fought back and asked my mom to intervene to stop any further b.s. Instead, I was reprimanded by both my mom and the elders to "turn the other cheek" and for being a "stumbling block" to my younger sibs. (Apparently you can be stumbled when you're 4 yrs old.)

    That was one of the times I said I will not obey no matter what. I said I am not starting these fights but I will not just lay there and let myself be a victim. I said I think Jehovah wants us to respect our bodies. I got a "spanking" (which is an understatement of the punishment) for my rebellious attitude.

  • blondie

    The official word from the WTS Legal is that if they "touch" you first, you have the right to defend yourself. It is a legal opinion not necessarily a common sense viewpoint.


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